Positions of Reponsibility

The following positions are very important to the success and well-being of our troop. Our members have voted for each of the following people into positions. They have been voted in due to their experience, qualifications, and their ability to help our troop succeed.

                    • Senior patrol leader- B. Patrick
                    • Assistant senior patrol leaders- N. Chiatto & N. Kerr
                    • Patrol leaders- S. Mendell & J. Petrizzo
                    • Assistant patrol leaders- J. Kemp & D. Sparacino
                    • Troop guide- Jon Petrizzo
                    • Scribe- G. Villacres
                    • Librarian- A. Lanaro
                    • Historian- S. Ramlal
                    • Quartermaster- R. Ramlal
                    • Instructor- R. Punger