Equine Rehabilitation

The Trinity's Ridge Rehabilitation program is available to ease the burden of rehabilitation on horse owners. Our staff understands that many horse owners are not available for full time rehabilitation on injuries or illnesses. Trinity's Ridge serves as a liaison between the owner, vet, farrier, and any other relevant medical staff.

Each program is customized for the horse in need. Rates start at $650, which includes our top quality Full Care Board (without the cooperative care requirement), 3 hours basic treatments per week, and a presence at all vet, farrier, and medical appointments. Basic treatments may include (but are not limited to): hand walking, leg wrapping, bandage changes, cold hosing, medication administration, and stretching exercises.

More specialized treatments or more extensive needs will be discussed and customized during the consultation phase, and fees will be assessed at that time.

Spartan - Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding

Spartan arrived at the facility at 4 months old. He was orphaned at less than 1 day old. He had been fed milk substitute from a bucket his entire life. Spartan had been infected with rhodococcus, coronavirus, and rotaviral diarrhea. Additionally, Spartan had weak ligaments causing large problems with his hooves. Spartan was expected to have stunted growth and brain development problems. With daily care, affection, and careful consultations with his vet, Spartan came around slowly. His early life caused severe trust issues, due to frequent vet visits and needle sticks. Less than a year later, Spartan looked like a normal yearling in the fields. Spartan is now 18 months old and beginning his training slowly as he nears 15hh. Spartan still resides at the facility as a poster child for love and care in our rehabilitation program!

Caspian - Paint/Quarter Horse Gelding

Caspian's before picture is too graphic to post, therefore a mid-treatment picture has been used. Caspian was being worked in a standard 60' metal round pen when he spooked sideways catching his face between panels. This ripped Caspian's face into the sinus cavity space. Caspian lost a lot of blood at the scene. Due to a quick reaction time of owner and vet, Caspian was stitched up and began healing. Shortly after; however, the stitches became infected. Caspian received a stem-cell graft and was prescribed daily medication, bandage care, living in cross ties to avoid rubbing and laying down, and hand walks in short increments. Staff at the facility diligently worked with Caspian's vet to monitor the new grafting of skin and growth of bone. Caspian healed wonderfully, and he is now loving his life as a therapy horse and school horse at Trinity's Ridge.

Jumping Bean - Thoroughbred/Welsh Cross Gelding

Bean arrived at the facility as a donation to the school horse program. Bean was found to have a weak back from being off work for a while. He also had extremely weak feet, that was moderately corrected with shoeing. By working carefully with our therapeutic farrier, the staff treated a major case of thrush and white line disease multiple times daily. The farrier then prescribed glue on therapeutic shoes and controlled turnout and moderate work program. Bean was able to grow healthy and strong hooves in a matter of months. The staff then began working to strengthen his back by building strong abdominal muscles and teach Bean to use his hind end correctly. Bean has now begun his life as a school horse (when we can pry the staff off of him!) and is succeeding beyond expectations!