Frequently Asked Questions

How are school closures handled?

TLP follows the school closures of Thompson School District (Loveland Schools) -- When the district schools are closed, TLP is closed as well.

Do you have to be Lutheran to attend Trinity Lutheran Preschool?

Trinity Lutheran Preschool accepts students from all walks of life. Our bylaws state our purpose: “To provide a program for children from all sectors of the community, no matter what religion, race or financial status.”

Does the school year calendar match the Loveland/Berthoud school district?

Starting and ending dates are the exception, but all holidays and in-service days follow the Thompson School District Calendar. See Calendar.

Do you have daycare before and after school?

In order to meet our facility requirements for licensing in the state of Colorado, TLP does not provide daycare service before or after school.

Do you accept children with special needs?

All questions regarding special needs are welcomed by our director to be considered on an individual basis.

Is the curriculum religious in nature?

Weekly Chapel themes are explored and craft projects may involve a season of the church year, or a Bible verse. However, the core of our curriculum is not religiously based.

What does Kindergarten Readiness mean to TLP?

Learning to respect people and materials (following rules, attempts to solve simple problems independently, willing to cooperate)

Takes Turns (shares, toys and materials, able to wait to share thoughts, etc.)

Follows simple directions (listens and remembers what he or she is asked to do independently)

Respects personal space (keeps hands and feet to self when sitting in group and around others, understands when and how to appropriately make physical contact with others)

Recognizes some letters and numbers (recent research shows successful Kindergartners identify at least 8 alphabet letters when entering school).

Uses books on a regular basis (enjoys stories, wants to read or be read to)

Uses scissors, glue, markers, pencils and crayons appropriately.

Recognizes own name in print.

Is excited to start school and eager to learn (ready for independent experiences, wants to be part of a group)

What payment installment Is available? What is the payment schedule?

The usual payment installment is by the month. Payment is made by the 15th of the month for the upcoming month of school. First month tuition is due upon registration. Next tuition is due on 9/15 and the 15th of each month through April.

How much does it cost?

How shall I schedule a school tour?

To schedule a school tour, please contact the preschool director, Kari Butzman at (970)667-5769 or director@tlploveland.org.

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I have questions that are not listed on this page.

Please contact the preschool director, Kari Butzman. (970)667-5769 or director@tlploveland.org.