Emergency Evacuation

Emergency Evacuation

Trinity Church Enfield

Emergency Evacuation and Fire Policy

Fire prevention is of vital importance. Many fires are caused by carelessness and ignorance. It is the responsibility of all employees, volunteers, service leaders and others responsible for events in the Trinity Church buildings, to be familiar with the following instructions.

In the event of fire or other emergency requiring the evacuation of the building the prime objective is the safe evacuation of all persons from the building.

The second objective is to notify the emergency services so the emergency can be dealt with by the appropriate authorities.

Once the building has been cleared and the emergency services notified, if appropriate the fire may be tackled by the designated Fire Warden with the appropriate extinguisher as long as it does not expose any person to risk.

Procedure in the event of a fire:

1. On discovering a fire, raise the alarm by sounding one of the hand bells kept in the church or by voice where a bell is inaccessible.

2. Initiate the evacuation of the church.

3. Dial 999 and alert the Fire Services.

4. On hearing the fire alarm, leave the building by the nearest or safest exit in a calm manner. Do not 
stop to collect personal belongings. Do not use the lift.

5. Make your way to the primary assembly point The Millennium Fountain (a.k.a The Sundial )**. 
Parents of children in Junior Church should collect their children at the assembly point to where they will be brought by the Junior Church leaders

6. Remain at the assembly point until instructed that it is safe to return by the designated lead fire warden or the Fire Service. 

7. Once the building has been evacuated safely, the fire may be tackled by the Fire Wardens with the appropriate extinguisher, if trained to do so and if it poses no risk to them or others.

* Dialling 999

During a church service, the duty steward should telephone 999 using a mobile phone

At any other time, whoever is on the premises should telephone 999. 

** Secondary Assembly Point

It may be the case that the Millennium Fountain is deemed an unsuitable assembly point . This decision will be made by the lead Fire Warden or the Services Authorities who will instruct Fire Wardens to direct people to an alternative safe place.

Emergency Exits

There are 6 Emergency Exits in Trinity Church :

• The main blue doors at the top of the stairs - Gentleman’s Row side

• The main blue doors at the top of the stairs - The Stag Side

• The main blue doors to the lower church building - Gentleman’s Row 

• The fire exit door in the small hall leading to the alley way in front of the Registry Office

• The door at the lower end of the ramp in the large hall which leads out to a fire exit door in turn leading to steps up onto Gentleman’s Row

• The Fire Exit door in the small lobby on the ground floor next to the lift

It is the responsibility of all staff, volunteers of all organisations and any groups using the premises to see that these exits, and passageways leading to these exits, are kept clear of any obstructions at all times. 

Fire doors must be kept closed at all times.

Fire doors must not be wedged open.

If a fire breaks out and fire doors are not closed it could result in the invalidation of the fire insurance policy or worse, an injury to a child or adult.

Fire Safety in the Church

Both sets of main doors to the Church area upstairs have the requisite fire safety bar mechanisms installed. Both sets of doors will be pushed open in the event of an evacuation .

The door to the small hall downstairs must remain unlocked at all times.

When Junior Church are downstairs on a Sunday morning and meeting in the large hall, they will preferably exit through the door at the bottom end of the ramp in the large hall, through the fire exit door, up the stairs and onto Gentleman’s Row.

Note that at this revision of the policy document (January 2020 ) the lower blue outer doors (a.k.a. Coffee Doors) will remain closed during the Sunday morning service as a security measure. This fire exit route is therefore negated for this duration.

Once the more secure replacement doors are in situ, this interim policy will revoked.

Designated Fire Wardens 

It is Trinity Church Fire Policy to maintain a team of volunteer Fire Wardens who will work together with the Duty Stewards, the door stewards, the lift steward and the Junior Church leaders to effect the safe evacuation of the congregation on Sunday mornings if and when required.

Main Church

Sundays: Duty Steward and nominated rota’d Fire Wardens

Weekdays: leader of the group using the church

Junior Church

Junior Church Leader

Duties of Fire Wardens

It is the responsibility of the Fire Wardens to direct the evacuation of the building, check each room in their designated area is clear, and report to the lead Fire Warden. Fire Wardens need to have particular regard for the needs of any persons, adult or child, with a disability which may prevent them from leaving the building. PEEPs (Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan) may be in place for certain regular attendees, whilst the GEEP (General Emergency Evacuation Plan) will cover all other instances. Appendix A.

Fire Warden Areas

Main Church

Pews, altar and choir stalls area; balcony ; vestibule and stair well leading up to balcony and down to large hall

Ground Floor

Open area; large hall; octagon room, kitchen; MHA office; circuit office; ladies toilets; gents toilets; disabled toilet; corridor to lift ; lift


Vestry; vestry toilet; stairwell leading down to ground floor

Fire Warden Key Procedures

In the event of a fire, Wardens must direct evacuation of their designated area, ensuring all exit doors are opened (excepting those near the seat of the fire) and all rooms/spaces are cleared. 

They will assist those who need help making use of PEEP and GEEP information as appropriate (See Appendix for GEEP)

Wardens will make themselves easily identifiable by wearing a high visibility jacket

Junior Church leaders are responsible for accounting for all their attendees once gathered at the assembly point

Wardens will assist the Duty Steward and the Authorities ( Fire Services, Police, Ambulance) as requested

Fire Risk Assessments

An annual risk assessment will be made by the Trinity Church designated assessor and reviewed annually by the Stewards to :

• identify any persons particularly at risk and make plans for their safe evacuation 

• review the Evacuation Plan for each area and room of the Trinity Church premises

• review the last year’s records of simulated evacuations, fire log books and fire risk assessment sheets 

• ensure adequate provision of fire wardens

• ensure adequate provision of training for fire wardens, stewards and church leaders

• review instructions to visitors to the building 

Whenever a special service or event is being planned , e.g. wedding service , funeral service, Easter and Christmas services, an individual fire risk assessment for that occasion will be prepared and if deemed necessary, additional mitigation will be put in place for the event.

All such instances will be recorded in the Trinity Fire Log Book.


All stewards, Fire Wardens, door and lift stewards and Junior Church leaders will receive instruction in fire prevention and the detailed procedures for the safe evacuation of Trinity Church.

This training will be recorded in the Trinity Fire Log Book.

All stewards, Fire Wardens, door and lift stewards and Junior Church leaders will receive annual reminders of the correct procedures and will attend simulated tests of the procedures as required.

Testing of Fire Procedures

Trinity Church will regularly test the adequacy of its fire procedures.

The procedure tests will include a simulated evacuation and will be recorded in the fire log book.

Testing of Safety Equipment

Torches for emergency use are provided inside the church. The torches will be checked regularly to ensure they remain in good working order, and are in the correct locations.

All fire extinguishers will be tested by an approved company once per year.

Monthly checks will be conducted to ensure that the fire extinguishers have not been tampered with.

The testing of all of the above will be recorded in the Trinity Fire Log Book.

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Rev. Dan Haylett

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