Tri-County School Librarians Association

TriCSL is an affiliate of the New Jersey Association of School Librarians:

We serve Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem (NJ) Counties.

Pronounced trick’-səl


"TriCounty School Librarians"

TriCSL Co-Presidents:

Faith Ralph

Theresa Wordelmann

Who we are...

  • County Affiliates Liaison: NJASL County Liaison ( This subcommittee will assist the development of local associations in unorganized areas, promote membership in the state organization, inform local associations on a regular basis regarding actions of the NJASL Board of Trustees, assist local associations in planning programs and workshops, and regularly forward county news to the Newsletter Editor.
  • The NJASL County Affiliates Liaison, NJASL County Liaison ( will collaborate with the New Member Orientation subcommittee to coordinate with the Membership Committee and collaborate with the NJDOE staff to provide orientation and mentoring programs for new school library media specialists.

The goals and objectives of affiliation will be:

A. To make the Board of Trustees aware of issues facing individuals and groups at the association level, and to identify concerns of the profession.

B. To provide information in areas such as legislation, intellectual freedom, job security, professional growth, program development, and promote professional relationships with other educational associations and institutions.

C. To share programs, publications and ideas with one another.

D. To broaden the base of the profession through the increase of personal membership of NJASL.

Section 1. Criteria for Affiliation.

A. The purpose of the organization must be compatible with those of NJASL.

B. The organization must hold meetings and/or workshops.

C. The organization must have a systematic channel of communication with its membership, e.g., a newsletter.

Section 2. Affiliate Representation to the NJASL Board.

The County President or his or her designee will represent the county to the County Affiliates Subcommittee on the NJASL Board of Trustees.

Section 3. Responsibilities.

A. To provide NJASL County Affiliates Subcommittee Chair with the names and addresses of the county’s President or representative.

B. To allocate time during membership meetings and/or programs for dissemination of NJASL information and other relevant state information.

C. To provide NJASL with a copy of each new publication/directory of the county organization.

D. To provide NJASL with additional information as needed to facilitate two-way communication.

E. To provide NJASL with a list of 10% of the members of the organization seeking affiliate status who are also NJASL personal members.

Section 4. Provisions.

A. Affiliation does not require payment of dues to NJASL by the county organization.

B. Organization affiliation does not permit the use of NJASL’s insurance, Federal tax-exempt status and/or sales tax exemption.

Last updated 10/16/2018