Trevor Hefley

Assistant Professor

Department of Statistics

Kansas State University

Welcome to my research website! Broadly, my research focuses on developing and applying spatio-temporal statistical methods to inform conservation and management of fish and wildlife populations.

Recent News

  • June 2019: New book on Bayesian computing.
    • Hooten, M.B. and T.J. Hefley. (2019) Bringing Bayesian Models to Life. Chapman and Hall/CRC. [more information]
  • May 2019: New paper published in Emerging Infectious Diseases that estimates minimum infections doses of African swine fever virus.
    • Niederwerder M., A. Stoian, R. Rowland, S. Dritz, V. Petrovan, L. Constance, J. Gebhardt, M. Olcha, C. Jones, J. Woodworth, Y. Fang, J. Liang, T. Hefley. (2019) Infectious dose of African swine fever virus when consumed naturally in liquid or feed. Emerging Infectious Diseases 25:891−897 [pdf] [R code]
  • March 2019: New paper in Ecology that reviews and illustrates several approaches for combining multiple data sources when modeling species distributions.
    • Fletcher, R., T. Hefley, E. Robertson, B. Zuckerberg, R. McCleery, R. Dorazio. (in press) A practical guide for combining data to model species distributions. Ecology [pdf]