Tres Dimesiones is approximately a 70,000 square foot warehouse that sales used clothing by the pound. Various qualities of clothing are available in each unsorted bale, or choose from our discount Monton (mound) pile . There is no minimum purchase amount for the Monton; Our original bales ranging from 1100 Lbs to 1500 Lbs Purchase 1 or several trailers full (36,000+ Lbs).

Our Mound (Monton) is over 3,750 Cubic feet large. 25x30x5

In store items for small or large purchase:

  • Clothing In the mound(monton) is sold for .30 cents per LB
  • Special mound (monton especial)
  • Leather Jackets (seasonal)
  • Halloween costumes Start at $3 (seasonal)
  • Party Dresses Starting at $10 (limited stock)
  • Wedding Dresses Starting at $20 (limited stock)


  • Men's Shoes, Tennis, Sandals, Boots
  • Women's Shoes , Tennis, Sandals, Boots
  • Kid's Shoes , Tennis, Boots


  • Cups, dishes, glasses, pans
  • Toys, games, puzzles, arts and crafts
  • Electronics (chargers, curling irons, blow dryers, clocks)

Prices/stock subject to change without notice.

Tenemos Pacas de 1,000 a 1,500 Libras. La Ropa es (Mixta de Bolsa) que refiera puede ser de todas classes: frio, calor, adulto, nino, colchas, savana, corceteria, jugete, zapato, bolsa de mano, #1,#2,#3, Monton...

Viene sin estar classificado. precios competitivos

1200 LB x Precio = $XXX mas iva.

Ropa del Monton- sin minimo= $0.30 por libra.

Nuestro Monton es mas de 3,750 pies Cubicos. 25x30x5

Precios/articulos puden cabiar sin aviso