TREND 2020 Research Fair Poster Session

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  • Live presentation rooms for each researcher, available from 2:30pm to 3:45pm (ET) on Friday August 7th (check Page 5 of the event booklet before entering a room to ensure the presenter will be there)

  • PDF versions, to experience posters at your own pace

  • Presenter emails to send questions or comments

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Event Booklet

Electron Beam Dynamics in a Relativistic Magnetized Ubitron Amplifier - Gavin Blair

Numerical Study of a Parametrically Driven Double-Well Pendulum - John Blue

Modeling the COVID-19 Outbreak in South American Countries - Emma Brann

An Autonomous Optoelectronic Oscillator - Anthony Cho

A Better Sensor: Exploring the Properties of 2D Materials for Application in Gas Sensors - Gavin Courtright

Developing a Climatometer: Toward an Objective Metric for Climate Replication with Machine Learning - Joseph Harvey

Multi-Vortex Dynamics Simulations - Mary Flor Jacobo

Poster PDF will be added later in August | email

Forest Fire Model for Actin Dynamics - Melissa Kissling

Predicting Micromobility - Ari Riggins

Predicting Cross-section Images of Particle Beam for UMER Using Neural Networks - Ambar C. RodrĂ­guez Alicea

Podcast on Machine Learning - Chelsea Russell

No poster will be presented. Enjoy the podcast at your leisure | email