Three Rivers Evolution Event 2017

A SMBE and ASN Sponsored Regional Meeting in Pittsburgh

the second annual tree will be held on september 22, 2018.

Click here to go the new conference website. See you in September!

Thank you for making the first annual TREE an inspiring success!

On September 9, 2017, over 168 attendees from 38 different institutions joined us at the University of Pittsburgh to participate in TREE, with 48 researchers sharing oral presentations and 60 presenting posters!

Please join us in congratulating our American Society of Naturalists (ASN) Outstanding Presentation awardees:

Meghan Barrett, Drexel University, awarded best lightning presentation: Mushroom Body Volume Influenced by Caste in Paper Wasps (Vespidae, Epiponini)

Nicole Forrester, University of Pittsburgh, awarded best graduate student poster: Plant polyploidy enhances nodule traits and host benefit from the legume-rhizobia mutualism

Jennifer Heppner, Penn State University, awarded best undergraduate student poster: Effects of maternal stress on performance behavior of lizard offspring

Kristen Sprayberry, Penn State University, awarded best oral presentation: Evolutionary and recent history of stress interact to affect cell-mediated immunity in a lizard

Check out the coverage of TREE by attendees on social media: #TREE2017!

Interested in making TREE 2018 even better?

We have a short survey that will take less than 5 minutes of your time, which will help us to improve the format and accessibility of future TREEs.

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What is TREE?

The annual Three Rivers Evolutionary Event (TREE) aims to bring together researchers from the areas surrounding Pittsburgh, PA in the common interest of discussing evolution.

TREE is intended to promote the study of evolution in the broadest sense, including observational and experimental studies under natural and controlled conditions. The research of attending members is expected to span viruses, microbes, plants, invertebrates and vertebrates, and include anthropology, epidemiology, developmental biology, ecology, zoology, theory, applied sciences, urban ecology, paleontology, and many other specialized research areas.

Individuals from all backgrounds are welcome, and early-career researchers are encouraged to present.

TREE 2017 featured an amazing keynote lecture by Dr. Cynthia Beall of Case Western Reserve University!

Logo by Eden McQueen; Photo by Avery Russell