Treasures in Tucson

Selling Our Family Heirlooms! 

3/22/2023  Changed my eBay name from Treasures in Tucson to Treasures in Da UP.  Is anybody following this, or care?  Mesage me if you are, and I will let you know what my next stage will be.  Thanks!  Karen

Many of items for sale on these pages came to me from my husband's mother (Christine Eliese Robertson Cayce, married to Elliott Arthur Cayce). They were inherited by Christine from her parents- Captain Walter Robertson and Eliese Swinton Robertson. They lived in Bay Village, OH, in the early 1900s. Captain Walter Robertson, with White Star Lines (retired in 1930), traveled the world as a captain and collected beautiful items for his bride. They were contemporaries and acquaintances of the Rockfellers of Cleveland.

My parents- Ingeburg Ruth Beck of Kassel, Germany, and Fondee Johnston Chambers, of Scott County, Tennessee- left me not many artifacts, but much love and great memories.  My Mother was a WWII war bride.  My Father is a distinguished Army Vet. Very few items are "from" them,  but I will highlight that when it occurs.  

My husband and I have recently retired (after his 26 year military career, 40 year marriage), and are downsizing. We have lived all over the US, Japan and Guam, and traveled most of Asia, some of Europe; I have been an avid collector. I will also denote items that were purchased by me.

 Fabulous stories and history, but my kids and grand kids don't want to have most of the items I have cherished over the last 40 years! We are downsizing and will be posting many items over the next year, one by one.

Please feel free to contact me with questions and comments; especially offers if I have invited offers (or even if you think I am asking too much!).

I have created this website in an attempt to consolidate the items I am posting.  Please contact me if you have any questions/comments!


Here are the links to our UpCayceReCayce FB and IG pages.  Check them out!

9/21/18:  Both eBay and Etsy shops are inactive until the end of November.  Will have lots of "new" stuff to post- here goes the silver!

10/8/18 I know my shops are on vacay.....but I am not!  Working on the batch that will be posted the end of November and beginning of December.  It will be a short run since I will close all sales on December 13th!  This batch is the silver and silverplate pieces that I have polished over the years.  Really beautiful stuff.

10/30/18  Still working on downsizing.  Painful at times!  Enjoying the fall colors in Ohio.  Oh, and my family!!!!!  Expect more posts at the end of November.  

12/1/18 I have just a few things in my Etsy shop, since I will be traveling and it doesn't make sense for me to pay to list things when I am not here.  Please remember to check my eBay page .  I am listing there for the time being, and had an incredibly busy day today!

3/7/19  Hello from Ohio!  I am enjoying a long respite from my downsizing (who knew it would be so much work!).  Plan to get back at it in April. I will update this site as well as others at that time.  Happy 5th birthday to my youngest grand....JackFish!

5/23/2019  Will be relisting items the end of June.   Finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  I might put myself out of business.

6/15/19  Back in AZ.  Relisting and posting new items tomorrow!  

6/18/19 Etsy and eBay live......already shipping items!  I love letting these items going to someone who actually loves them as much as I do!

12/28/19 Getting ready to start the new year with yet another purge!  I sold my dining room furniture last year and still have some of the stuff that was stuffed into the china cabinet and sideboard.  Watch eBay and Etsy for new posts.

9/1/2020 My eBay shop has new items monthly. Just posted my vintage/antique spoon collection and display case.  I have cleaned out many vintage linens, and did a closet purge in February.  

10/22/2020:  We are selling our home in Tucson!  I will have to decide if I want/need to  change the name of my  pages etc.  Will keep you posted.  I am selling tons of stuff right now on FB marketplace (Here is my profile if you want to check it out!)-

11/16/2020  We will be having our final moving sale on Saturday November 21, 2020 from 8 am to 1 pm.  Message me if you need the address in NE Tucson near River and Craycroft.

1/15/2021  So.....a quick decision to list our home led to a quick sale and move!!  We are on to a new adventure, with our condo in Sylvania, Ohio, and our new home in Hancock, Michigan, in the beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula.  I will be posting under this title for the near future.  I have a lot of things to move!!  

3/24/2021 We are settling into our new home in Hancock, Michigan.  Have decided to stay with this name ("Treasures in Tucson" ) since I have "followers".  Moving gave me an opportunity to purge both before we moved (what a whirlwind that was, sold lots and lots on Facebook locally), and now to continue  to clean out the excess.  I have started posting again on eBay.  To many dishes, too much stuff found in drawers and packed hastily.  We had been in that house for 10 years and it was indeed time for a change!

6/10/2021  Still downsizing.  Happy to do so.  This last year has been pretty crazy with  packing, moving out, moving in.  I will probably never be done with downsizing.  I need and want less, and have overconsumed.  Please let me know if you have suggestions!  I am embarking on a 200 day pledge to not buy any new clothing.  Why is that hard??  I have so much, and need nothing.  However, so happy to not have to make any more damn masks!

10/8/2021  Still settling in and posting on eBay (not nearly as many items now, but have a stockpile I need to get ready!)  Also starting a new venture-

Our Etsy shop will be live in November.    I failed on my 200 day moratorium on purchasing clothes!!  Will reboot soon!!  Winter is coming to the Upper Peninsula- it often starts snowing the end of October!  

8/26/2022  Still selling this and that on eBay, most true heirlooms have been winnowed down.  We are now focused on using the treasure trove of vintage Japanese fabrics we have collected over the years!    Our Etsy job is on vaca right now, but we have a new IG page, as well as a FB page for UpCayceReCayce.

3/21/2023  I still am posting on Ebay and the UpcayceRecayce Etsy page.  Check it out.  Doubt I will keep this site active much longer...even though I love the name I created for it!  Please message me if you have any questions.  Or comments.  Or compliments.  Is anybody out there???