Treangen Lab

Computational Microbial Forensics

Computer Science Department, Rice University

email:, twitter: @traingene


Computational Microbial Forensics and Metagenomics research group @ Rice University focuses on interdisciplinary research anchored by Computer Science and Comparative Genomics research.

Although the prevalence of high‐throughput technologies has generated an immense wealth of raw experimental data, the biological insight available within this rich (meta)genomic data remains largely untapped. Given the challenges presented by large‐scale data analysis in computational genomics, our aim is twofold: 1) develop bioinformatics software firmly built upon efficient algorithms and heuristics, compact data structures, and machine learning techniques applied to multiple sequence alignment (both local and global), and 2) perform hypothesis-driven research enabled by recent advances in DNA sequencing technology applied to Microbial Genomics and Ecology.