Todd J Treangen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Computer Science, Rice University


Current position

I am an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science Department at Rice University (Houston, TX).


Over the past decade, I have been focused on developing bioinformatics software and analysis pipelines designed to facilitate hypothesis-­driven biological research. Given the challenges presented by large‐scale data analysis, I have strived to develop bioinformatics software firmly built upon efficient algorithms and compact data structures. Although the prevalence of high‐throughput technologies has generated an immense wealth of raw experimental data, the biological insight available within this rich (meta)genomic data remains largely untapped. Current research problems that have captured my attention, such as metagenome assembly and multiple genome alignment, are both prime examples of problems that are computationally intractable to provide optimal solutions and thus require clever heuristics to effectively uncover the biological relationships contained within the data.