About AED00

The Transportation Research Board (TRB) is one of seven branches of the National Research Council, the research arm of the National Academies. TRB is a volunteer organization dedicated to the promotion of transportation research. TRB technical activities include over 200 committees organized thematically into sections (e.g., the Data and Data Science Section, ADE00), sections form groups (e.g., the AE000, Data, Planning, and Analysis Group ), and groups are represented on the Technical Activities Council or TAC.

Our Mission: The Data and Data Sciences Section is part of the Data, Planning, and Analysis Group . It consists of 8 committees that propose research, share research findings, sponsor special activities, and provide a forum for transportation professionals to discuss today's and tomorrow's data and information systems-related transportation issues. The chairs of each of these committees are members of the Data and Data Sciences Executive Board, who along with the section chair, provide general oversight of the activities within the Section.

The Section mission is to advance the application of data and information systems to address transportation needs. Section activities advance the state of the practice and build awareness of data and technology applications and their value for transportation practitioners, researchers, and decision makers. The Section achieves this mission by providing focused opportunities for collaboration and support for its member committees.

Section Committees:

  • AED10
  • AED20
  • AED30
  • AED40
  • AED50
  • AED60
  • AED70 Freight data
  • AED80