TRB Committee Research Coordinator Council

Welcome Committee Research Coordinators (CRC) and Committee Chairs!

The purpose of the webpage is to help TRB Committee Research Coordinators (CRCs) by providing the knowledge and tools to help their Committees develop and maintain robust research portfolios.

Beginner's Guide to Becoming a CRC

Welcome to your new role as the Committee Research Coordinator! To assist you in developing your capacities in this role, we encourage you to take the below actions:

  1. Talk to the Committee’s previous CRC about the Committee’s research activities

  2. Meet the Group CRC representative -- please send the CRC Chair Joe Horton an email if you need assistance in making contact

  3. Talk to the Committee Chair about what is important

  4. Get an understanding of what the Chair would like for you to do as the CRC, but also share what you would like to accomplish!

  5. Plan to attend the CRC meeting that occurs on Sunday of the TRB Annual Meeting (2022 meeting notes can be found here)

  6. Review the documents on the Information for New CRCs page

  7. Poll committee members about research topics

  8. Promote usage of the Research Needs Statement (RNS) Database

  9. Work with other Committee Research Coordinators to jointly explore topics of interest

  10. Don’t be an island or an army of one – work with committee members and friends to develop the research activities of your committee!

Advancing CRC Responsibilities

The purpose of the CRC Council is to help (a) foster communication, coordination, and collaboration within and among TRB committees; (b) promote the development of peer-reviewed RNS and ensuing sponsorship; (c) enhance the sharing and monitoring of information from ongoing research projects; and (d) support interaction with stakeholders regarding the implementation of new research findings and synthesize implications for practice.

Accordingly, please utilize resources featured on the following pages for more information on how to help your committee cultivate a robust research portfolio:

Announcements and Recent Postings

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  2. RPPM Funding Program Deadlines Calendar

  3. Funding Guidebook