TRB Committee Research Coordinator (CRC)

Committee Research Coordinators (CRC)

Back to Basics: Fostering and nurturing TRB committees’ contributions to transportation research.

Through Committee Research Coordinators (CRC) and the CRC Council, this initiative helps committees identify, formulate, prioritize, and promote research needs and the conduct of research, turning research needs into results.

The purpose of the TRB Committee Research Coordinators (CRCs) is to provide committees with the knowledge and tools to develop and maintain robust research portfolios through:

  • Communication, coordination, and collaboration within and among TRB committees;

  • Identification of research needs;

  • Development of peer-reviewed research needs statements (RNS) through cross-committee collaborative efforts;

  • Entry of these statements into the RNS database;

  • Sponsorship of RNS;

  • Enhancing the probability that RNS will be funded by submittal of RNS to funding programs by Committee members or co-sponsors;

  • Enhancing the sharing of information from ongoing research by monitoring of research status; and

  • Using of a variety of strategies to communicate and interact with stakeholders regarding the availability and implementation of recently completed research, and to foster discussions on the implications to practice and future research needs.

In addition, along with the Committee Chair, the CRC will inform their Committee about the role of the CRC and the Committee’s role to support the development and maintenance of a robust research portfolio.