On this page you will find resources, tools, and information about using artificial intelligence in the classroom. This page will be updated when I find new info and tools to share. Come back often!

Original presentation I gave at #MACEKS23 conference.

Current presentation with focus on teacher tools

Generative A.I.

Generative A.I. are tools that require some kind of prompt or task to complete. These tasks or "conversations" can continue until you get your desired outcome. The A.I. will learn from these interactions and generate better content the more you interact with it.

Below is a collection of AI TikTok video that I find might be helpful to teachers.

Tools w/ built in A.I.

These tools have a built in A.I. component and are designed to help teachers save time and create more engaging content for their lessons.

Matt Miller, author of "A.I. for Educators" has an extensive list of A.I. tools teachers can use. Click here to view those tools.