Travis Family Medicine Residency

David Grant Medical Center

Travis Air Force Base, CA

Our Mission: Family Medicine

Travis Family Medicine Residency is dedicated to educating the family physicians of tomorrow. We take excellent medical school graduates and help them become the best family physicians they can be.

Broad experience, essential role...

As Air Force Family Physicians we provide crucial, even life-saving support to military families made up of single or married airman, their dependant spouses and children as well as to our retired service members. Cradle to grave, Airman Basic to the Commander in Chief, at home or deployed - Family Medicine is there.

Why Travis?

The Department of Family Medicine operates on the premise that comprehensive quality medical care can be provided efficiently and effectively to a family by a well-trained family physician. This training is grounded in the six Core Competencies as defined by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). These competencies are: Communication and Interpersonal Relations, Medical Knowledge, Patient Care, Practice-Based Learning and Improvement, Professionalism and Systems-based practice.

Residents train at David Grant Medical Center (DGMC), 60th Medical Group, both in the Family Medicine Clinic and on other specialty rotations, as well as other designated training sites. DGMC is a full service, 125‑bed, acute‑care facility which serves as a referral center for the western region of the United States. Consultation services are available with board‑certified individuals in all departments. In the first year of training, the program emphasizes inpatient management of medical problems. In the second year, inpatient skills are refined with greater emphasis on leadership of medical students and junior residents combined with greater exposure to outpatient clinics. During the third year, the emphasis is contuinity care in the outpatient setting. When "on call" as the third year, it is as the primary manager of Labor & Delivery and a supervisor to the 1st and 2nd year residents running the medicine teams.

Most residents become certified in a variety of procedures including:

  • Multiple skin procedures including shave, punch, and excisional biopsies, EIC removal, lipoma removal, and toenail removal
  • Vaginal Delivery and associated vaginal laceration repairs, FSE placement, and IUPC placement
  • Vasectomy
  • Neonatal circumcision
  • IUD insertion and removal
  • Nexplanon insertion and removal
  • Endometrial biopsy
  • Casting and splinting
  • Joint aspiration and injection
  • Exercise treadmill administration and interpretation
  • 1st trimester ultrasounds

Additional prcoedures are available for those interested including:

  • Colonoscopy (1-2 residents/year)
  • Medical Acupuncture Training
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Thoracentesis
  • Paracentesis
  • Central line insertion
  • Arterial line insertion
  • Intubation
  • Chest tubes
  • Point of Care Ultrasound (FAST, RUSH, DVT, aorta, RUQ ultrasounds, etc)
  • Additional Women's Health Procedures including colposcopy, LEEP, hysteroscopy, Essure, MVA, etc
  • Vacuum and forcep assisted vaginal deliveries
  • Primary C-section (a possibility for those intending to complete an OB fellowship)

Resident Rotations

The following is a listing of the clinical rotations done by Family Medicine residents at Travis Air Force Base Family Medicine Residency. There are 13 4-week blocks per year.

Most of the rotations occur at David Grant Medical Center. A few rotations denoted below take place at other hospitals. The outside rotations add valuable clinical and cultural experience not typically seen in our military population. Of the outside institutions, one is a large academic center in a metropolitan environment (UC Davis in Sacramento) where we complete some of our emergency medicine and pediatric rotations, with access to a Level 1 trauma center and a renowned children's hospital. Newborn nursery is completed at Contra Costa Regional Medical Center, which is in the East Bay area in Martinez, CA and is a well-respected family-medicine run county hospital. Lastly, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, CA runs one of the largest labor and delivery units in the state, which provides us with obstetric experience far beyond what can be seen in a military training facility. Overall, these opportunities greatly strengthen the overall training and improve the perspective of our residents as it incorporates different populations, hospital systems, EMRs, and most importantly, medical experiences.

Listed below are the current rotations for the 2018-2019 academic year.


  • Adult Ward Medicine DGMC (inpatient): 8 weeks
  • Behavioral Medicine: 4 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine (UC Davis): 4 weeks
  • Family Medicine Outpatient (procedure and continuity clinics) : 4 weeks
  • Gynecology: 4 weeks
  • ICU/Cardiology: 4 weeks
  • Night Float: 4 weeks
  • Obstetrics (at Santa Clara County Medical Center): 4 weeks
  • Pediatrics Clinic: 4 weeks
  • Pediatrics Ward (UC Davis): 4 weeks
  • Sports Med/Practice Management: 4 weeks
  • Surgery Ward: 4 weeks


  • Adult Ward Medicine: 8 weeks
  • Dermatology: 4 weeks
  • Emergency Medicine (DGMC): 4 weeks
  • Family Medicine Outpatient (procedure and continuity clinics) : 4 weeks
  • Gerontology (Yountville Veteran's Homes): Longitudinal throughout year; one half-day per month during outpatient/elective months
  • ICU/Cardiology: 4 weeks
  • Night Float: 4 weeks
  • Obstetrics (at Santa Clara County Medical Center): 4 weeks
  • Orthopedics: 4 weeks
  • Pediatrics Clinic DGMC (outpatient): 4 weeks
  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine (UCDavis): 4 weeks
  • Pediatrics Nursery Contra Costa County Medical Center Martinez: 4 weeks
  • Research/Elective (time dedicated to scholarly activity and to elecive of resident's choice): 4 weeks


  • Adult Ward Medicine: 4 weeks
  • Community Medicine: 4 weeks
  • Electives: 3 blocks of 4 weeks each
  • Gerontology (Yountville Veteran's Homes): One half-day per month (10 months out of the year)
  • Family Medicine (outpatient): 4 weeks
  • Internal Med Subspecialty Elective: 4 weeks
  • Night Float: 4 weeks
  • Patient-Centered Medical Home (rotation dedicated to the resident's own clinic/empanelment intended to mimic "the real world": 4 weeks
  • Practice Management: 4 weeks
  • Sports Medicine: 4 weeks
  • Surgical Specialty - ENT / Ophthalmology / Urology (choose 2): 8 weeks

The Best Residency Location in the Air Force!

DGMC is within an hour’s drive of San Francisco, Sacramento, Napa and Sonoma Valleys and within 3 hours of Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Monterey, Big Sur, Mendocino, and countless other destinations!

While work hours are long in residency, precious time away can hardly be spent in a better location. Whether you feel at home in the big city or desolate wilderness, beaches or mountains, desert or damp coastal forests, the Travis AFB Family Medicine Residency Program is for you!

Not only do our residents get to enjoy the area in their free time, but the program actually sponsors enjoying it during the duty day! R1’s spend a day early on their first year having breakfast in Sausalito, taking a ferry to Angel Island, then hiking to the top for breathtaking views of the greater Bay Area while getting to know each other and the faculty even better. Additional retreats happen at the end of the first year, the beginning of the third year, and culminate with a 3-day weekend retreat at the end of the 3rd year. Past retreat destinations have included Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, wine tasting in Sonoma on Segway’s, canoeing the Russian River, sailing in the San Francisco Bay, Humboldt Redwoods State Park, and whitewater rafting down the famous American River!

Outside of the phenomenal place we live, the people of the residency make it a great time! Each year, there is a Holiday Party with white elephant gift exchange, Over-The-Hump party (after the half-way point of the academic year, complete with themes demonstrating ridiculous costumes and a live auction), and Roast (End of the year banquet with awards and videos “roasting” the staff and the graduating R3’s)

Keep reading to learn more about our Faculty and Residents! To schedule a rotation or interview, see more details here.