Cappadocia Places to Visit


The Cappadocia region is the place where nature and history are most beautifully integrated in the world. While geographical events were creating the Fairy Chimneys, people also carved houses and churches inside these fairy chimneys, decorated them with frescoes, and carried the traces of thousands of years old civilizations to the present day.

Strabon, one of the writers of the Ancient Period during the reign of Roman Emperor Augustus, states the borders of the Cappadocia Region as a wide region extending to the Taurus Mountains in the south, Aksaray in the west, Malatya in the east and the Eastern Black Sea coast in the north in his 17-book 'Geographika' (Anatolia XII, XIII, XIV).

Today's Cappadocia Region is the area covered by the provinces of Nevşehir, Aksaray, Niğde, Kayseri and Kırşehir. The rocky Cappadocia Region, which is a narrower area, consists of Uçhisar, Ürgüp, Avanos, Göreme, Derinkuyu, Kaymaklı, Ihlara and its surroundings.

Traditional Cappadocian houses and pigeon houses carved into the rocks express the authenticity of the region. These houses were built on the slopes in the 19th century either from rocks or cut stones.

Stone, which is the only architectural material of the region, can be processed very easily because it is soft after it comes out of the quarry due to the volcanic structure of the region, but after contact with air, it hardens and turns into a very durable building material. has received. The material of both the courtyard and the house doors is wood.

The upper part of the arched doors is decorated with stylized ivy or rosette motifs. Pigeon houses in the region are small structures built in the late 19th and 18th centuries. Some of the dovecotes, which are important in terms of showing the art of Islamic painting, were built as monasteries or churches. The surface of the dovecotes is decorated with rich ornaments and inscriptions by local artists.

Cappadocia Places to Visit






Places to Visit in Goreme

I would like to give you information and photos about the most important structures that you should visit and see in Göreme, in our list of places to visit in Cappadocia.

Valley of Love

Places to visit in Cappadocia Love Valley

Love Valley is one of the most popular of the Cappadocia valleys and offers the most beautiful view.

Before going into details, it's worth mentioning that you don't get confused: You can also hear the names like Love Valley, Baglidere Valley or Lovers Hill.

Although the names Baglidere and Love Valley are correct, Lovers Hill is actually the name of the hill in the valley, which fascinates with its panoramic view and is a viewing point.

My personal advice is to set up on Lovers Hill at sunset and enjoy the magnificent view.

The reason why the valley is associated with "love" is that it has been the scene of many marriage proposals from yesterday to today.

Love Valley offers a pleasant track between vineyards and fruit trees with a length of 4.9 km. You can drive up to a certain place and then walk. If you are interested in nature walks, you can choose it. It takes about 2.5 hours.

If you are not good with hiking and want to try balloons in Cappadocia, you will have the opportunity to explore the Valley of Love from above.


To reach the Love Valley, you should proceed from Göreme in the direction of Uçhisar. After entering the Bağıltepe turn, you can reach the entrance of the valley by passing a jewelery shop and proceeding in the direction of Baglidere at the crossroads.

Goreme Open Air Museum

Göreme Open Air Museum Where to visit in Cappadocia?

Are you after making a Cappadocia sightseeing program and need prioritization? Then, let's continue with a fascinating point that deserves the first place: Göreme Open Air Museum or Göreme Ruins as it is known.

Göreme Open Air Museum is a valley that hosts different rock formations, but these rock formations have a difference compared to the ones in the region in general.

This region is actually historical M.S. It is a rock settlement dating back to the 4th century, that is, the first Christian periods.

There are different social areas such as church, chapel, dining hall, school, living room and kitchen in each of the rock blocks in this settlement, which hosted monastic life until the 13th century.

The places to visit in Göreme Open Air Museum are as follows:

Girls and Boys Convent

St. Basil's Church

Apple Church

St. Barbara Chapel

Serpentine Church

Dark Church

Carikli Church

Buckled Church

Places to Visit in Urgup

Another important point of our list of places to visit in Cappadocia is Ürgüp. This is a popular destination that hosts the most important sightseeing spots of the region. The most important places to see in the region are:

1. Temenni Hill

Cappadocia holiday Temenni Hill

Let's continue our Cappadocia travel guide with Urgup and Urgup places to visit, perhaps the first region that draws the world's attention to Cappadocia, without slowing down!

Temenni Hill is a place you must see in Ürgüp and you will definitely see it even if you don't want to. Because this is a rock hill in the very center of Ürgüp and at an altitude of 80 meters, which is impossible to miss.

Temenni Hill can be seen from everywhere in Ürgüp without exaggeration. When you look from the E Temenni Hill, you can see a very wide area, including the surrounding region, up to Ürgüp and even Erciyes Mountain. If you are a landscape lover, I recommend going out.

The view is not the only feature of the hill. There are two cupolas and tombs of important people on the hill.

The tomb on the right after entering the hill, the Kılıçarslan Gazi Tomb, is the place where the story of the name of the hill is hidden. People tie rags to this shrine to make wishes, that is, to express their wishes.

The cupola in the middle of the hill was formerly used as Tahsin Ağa Public Library, but the library was later moved to a new building in the district center.

Finally, there are the ruins of St. Georgios Church on the south-west side.

2. Asmalı Konak

Asmalı Konak Cappadocia travel guide

Asmalı Konak, which we know from the famous TV series Asmalı Konak, is one of the biggest factors in Ürgüp's popularity.

However, there may be confusion because there are 2 hosts where the series was filmed.

First of all, if you want to visit the mansion, which is also known as Asmalı Konak Museum today, you should go to the mansion in the center of Ürgüp.

For the other mansion where lesser parts of the series were filmed, make your way to Mustafapaşa, the charming town of Ürgüp. Today, you will easily find the mansion with a hotel serving as the Old Greek House.

3. Gomeda Valley

Places to see in Cappadocia Gomeda Valley

If you are interested in horror movies and mysterious legends, I recommend you to add Gomeda Valley to your list of places to visit in Cappadocia.

Gomeda Valley is 5 km from Ürgüp. It is located in the town of Mustafapasa, which is located at a distance of

Geomorphologically, it is a small part of Ihlara Valley. For this reason, it is also known as Küçük Ihlara Valley.

Although the Bey Stream, flowing through the valley, offers a lively atmosphere with nature with its fruit trees, it is just as scary with its dark caves and rock cavities that look like apartments.

However, the reason for this image is actually pigeons! These rock cavities, called Güvercinlik, look like 5-6-floor apartment buildings in some places, and castles in some places.

There are also many churches in the Gomeda Valley, some of which are too old to even be known. Alakara Church, St. Basilios Church are the prominent ones among these churches.

There is also an old underground city in the valley. If you want to visit the underground city, which has a very small entrance, it is a bit challenging because the tunnels and the entrance are quite narrow. If you're claustrophobic, I wouldn't recommend trying it.

After Gomeda Valley, there is Üzengi Valley. If you intend to progress on the hiking trail, you can also explore the Üzengi Valley.

At this point, you have to jump from place to place or enter the water. If you have a plan to hike, I recommend that you come prepared.

4. The Three Graces

Three Beauties Cappadocia places to visit

If you're wondering what these Three Beauties are, welcome to explore!

Three Beauties, three fairy chimneys that stand out among the fairy chimneys of Cappadocia with their beauty worthy of their name.

But how did this trio come to the fore when everywhere is fairy chimneys and rock formations everywhere?

The shapes are quite distinct. This is one of the fairy chimneys where the mushroom hat form that comes to mind is most clearly seen. For this reason, they have become both the symbol of Cappadocia and a photographic spot for many tourists.

There is also a legend of the Three Beauties. Legend has it that the daughter of the King of Cappadocia falls in love with a shepherd in the region and wants to get married. Despite the king's disapproval, the princess and the shepherd get married and have a baby. The king sends soldiers to slaughter the entire family, and all three turn to stone when the princess begins to pray to escape death.

It is believed that the fairy chimney in the front is the shepherd, the child in the middle and the princess in the back.

If you want to see the Three Beauties, proceed from Kızılçukur Valley towards Ürgüp. Of course, you will know from the crowd on the side of the road that you are in the right place.

5. Urgup Museum

Urgup Museum Cappadocia tour

If you are interested in museums, you should add Ürgüp Museum to your list of places to visit in Cappadocia.

Ürgüp Museum is a small museum located in the center of Ürgüp. Old Bronze Age, Persian, Roman, Byzantine etc. together with the fossil samples found in and around Ürgüp in the museum. There are also finds from the period.

Apart from these, there are also ethnographic items from the Ottoman period.

In the museum, you can discover the life and culture that the region has witnessed in the distant and recent periods.

6. Mustafapasa

Mustafapasa Cappadocia blog guide

Mustafapaşa or Sinasos, as it was known in ancient times, is an old Greek Village located 5 km from Ürgüp.

In fact, I have mentioned Mustafapaşa in a few places I have covered in the guide. Still, I wanted to give it a place as it is a place that must be visited to explore the surrounding area and witness the life of the locals.

It was a place where Greeks lived until the 1924 Turkish-Greek population exchange. After the population exchange, the Turkish population settled in the town and according to rumors, this population was people from Mardin and Syria.

The reason for this rumor is architectural similarity. The architecture dominating Mustafapaşa is quite similar to the Mardin architecture. In the town, which used to be about 700 stone mansions, today there are almost 100 houses, nearly 30 churches and chapels.

The places to visit in Mustafapaşa are as follows:

Mehmet Sakirpasa Madrasa

St. Nicholas Monastery

Constantine Helena Church

Saint Basil's Church

St. Basil's Chapel

Hidden Valley

Cappadocia Art and History Museum

Marasoglu Bridge

Asmali Mansion

7. Cappadocia Art and History Museum / Bebek Museum

Cappadocia Art and History Museum or Bebek Museum is a museum that can be fun and different even for people who do not like to visit museums in Mustafapaşa.

The thing about the museum is that it mirrors the history of Cappadocia with handmade dolls.

Turkey's first handmade doll museum, the museum sheds light on history by telling about 3 thousand dolls and nearly 600 stories and subjects.

The founder of the museum, Sibel Radiye, made Ash dolls with a pasty substance called tragacanth obtained from the milk of the keven plant, cotton and wire. Of course, babies are designed with the smallest detail in mind, from their clothes to their facial expressions.

You can take a look at the history of Cappadocia in the most entertaining way by spending time at the museum, which serves in a mansion with more than 150 years of history.

Places to Visit in Ortahisar

Ortahisar is the third important region that I want to introduce in our list of places to visit in Cappadocia. Here are the most beautiful places to visit and see in the region…

1. Ortahisar Castle

Ortahisar Castle, places to visit in Cappadocia

Let's continue to get to know the places to visit in Cappadocia with Ortahisar, one of the most enjoyable towns of Cappadocia, and the famous Ortahisar Castle.

Ortahisar Castle is a huge rock formation rising up to 80 meters from the middle of Ortahisar.

Aside from its scenery, the view offered by the castle from both below and above, with the houses built along its slopes, is eye-catching.

The castle, dating from the Hittite period, has been used as a natural shelter throughout history. You can visit the rooms, tunnels and corridors inside the castle.

2. Ortahisar Ethnography Museum

Cappadocia trip Ethnography Museum

Ortahisar Ethnography Museum is one of the places that museum lovers should include in the list of places to visit in Cappadocia.

The museum, where the social life of Cappadocia is animated with mannequins, is also the first ethnography museum of the region.

There are 12 rooms in the museum that address and enliven different subjects:

Building Room (Perfect for those wondering how rocks are turned into homes, churches, etc.!)

Chamber of Agriculture

Turkish bath

Village Room

Traditional Cuisine

Bridal Room

Molasses Making Room

Weaving Room

Village square

Marriage Ceremony

Henna Night

Ortahisar Souvenir

The museum, which serves in the mansion where the first touristic hotel of the region is located, also has a pleasant restaurant section.

Places to Visit in Uçhisar

Another important stop on our list of places to visit in Cappadocia is Uçhisar. There are many important structures to visit and see in the region. The most important of these are:

1. Uchisar Castle

Cappadocia places to visit Uçhisar Castle

While continuing with the places to visit in Uçhisar, the first place I want to talk about is Uçhisar Castle.

The castle actually consists of two fairy chimneys. The large fairy chimney in the castle, which consists of two fairy chimneys combined, is called Ağa's Castle, and the smaller one is called Sergeant's Castle.

Uçhisar Castle is the largest fairy chimney in the region, which can be seen from all over Cappadocia.

The summit of the castle is the best place where you can see all of Cappadocia from a bird's eye view and it is the only place where you can see Erciyes Mountain and Hasan Mountain together.

I especially recommend watching the sunset from the castle. Especially if you come across a day when the balloons take off, you can encounter an unforgettable view.

Inside the castle, there are many rooms, tombs, cisterns and shelters carved into the rocks.

If you are planning to visit Uçhisar Castle, keep in mind: You have to make some effort to get up to the castle. Although not many, a considerable staircase awaits you.

2. Pigeon Valley

Pigeon Valley, places to see in Cappadocia

Outdoor sports lovers come here!

Güvercinlik Valley is one of the magnificent valleys of Cappadocia decorated with fairy chimneys and extraordinary rock formations, and it is the most preferred valley for outdoor sports such as trekking, cycling and running.

The valley starts from Uçhisar and continues over an area of 4 km until Göreme.

As you can guess from the name, the valley has a sweet relationship with pigeons.

The local people who lived here in the past carved pigeon nests in the rocks for pigeons. While feeding the vineyards with the fertilizers they obtained from the birds living in the region, they used the eggs at the angles of the frescoes.

Again today you will directly notice the density of pigeons in the area!

Places to Visit in Avanos

Avanos is another important stop on our list of places to visit in Cappadocia. If you ask where to visit in Avanos...

1. Devrent Valley

Devrent Valley, places to visit in Cappadocia

Are you ready to dream and feel like you are in a completely different land with Devrent Valley, also known as Dream Valley or Pink Valley?

Devrent Valley is an enjoyable spot that should definitely be included in the Cappadocia places to visit programs.

Among the valleys of Cappadocia, it draws attention with its more orange and pink rock formations, away from the classical fairy chimney forms. If you ask how we will see fairy chimneys here, the answer is actually hidden in your imagination!

There are people who liken the fairy chimneys in the valley to many different objects from animals to a thousand and one things. However, there is a fairy chimney that is easily perceived by everyone as a "camel" at first glance.

The valley has no specific entrance and exit. It has a U-shaped structure with one end extending to Devrent and the other to Kızılçukur. Compared to other valleys, the hiking trail is not very suitable, but you can wander as you wish and dive into your dreams.

2. Avanos Historical Stone Bridge

Avanos Historical Stone Bridge Places to visit in Cappadocia

If we are talking about places to visit in Avanos, it would not be possible to pass without mentioning the Stone Bridge. After all, he will greet you first when you come to Avanos!

When we look at the Avanos Stone Bridge, we can say that it is a standard bridge that does not have a lot of humor, but it can still make you happy to know that you are passing through a historical bridge.

Stones brought from the Chech and Karadağ regions around Avanos were used in the construction of the bridge, which was put into service in 1900. The 11-footed bridge has been able to reach today without the need for a serious restoration.

There are 4 bridges in Avanos, including the Stone Bridge, connecting the two sides of the Kızılırmak River, Avanos. Let's continue with another of the famous ones among these four.

3. Avanos Suspension Bridge / Wooden Bridge

Avanos Suspension Bridge Cappadocia places to visit

First of all, when Avanos Suspension Bridge is mentioned, you may hear different names such as Wooden Bridge, Swinging Bridge.

As you can understand from each name, the feature of the bridge is that it sways slightly as you walk on it! This can be scary for some and fun for others. However, there is no such exaggeration.

The bridge is again located above the Kızılırmak River. It was built in 1973 and allegedly is Turkey's second suspension bridge.

As the bridge is only open for pedestrian use, you can sway.

4. Avanos Hair Museum

Avanos Hair Museum Places to visit in Cappadocia

If you are interested in interesting museums, Avanos Hair Museum should definitely be included in your plans!

Also known as Chez Galip Hair Museum after its founder, Galip Körükçü, Avanos Hair Museum is a first not only in Cappadocia but also in the world.

The museum, which was founded in 1979 and entered the Guinness Book of Records in 1998, contains tufts of hair from more than 16 thousand women. The museum is also 6th on the list of the "15 Most Interesting Museums in the World".

If you're wondering how such a museum came to be, it's actually quite strange.

5. Zelve Open Air Museum

Where to visit in Cappadocia? Zelve Open Air Museum

Zelve Ruins consists of 3 valleys with the most intense fairy chimneys. It is also one of the oldest and longest-used settlements in Cappadocia.

In fact, according to rumors, Christianity first began to spread here in the region. It is said that Christian settlement began in the 7th century in the valley and that the valley became an important religious center between the 9th and 13th centuries.

You can come across monasteries, churches, tunnels, mills and different settlements along the valley where the settlement continued until 1952.

The most important points in the valley are as follows: 3 very important churches named Balıklı, Üzümlü (St. Nichitas Church) and Geyikli, which date back to the pre-iconoclastic period, namely 728s, and a chapel built for St. Simeon.

If you want to visit all 3 valleys, that is, the whole Zelve Ruins, I recommend you to be careful about basic needs such as water and clothes suitable for seasonal conditions.

Climbing in places, passing through tunnels, etc. There are some tough parts as well.

6. Sarihan Caravanserai

Sarihan Kervansaray Cappadocia places to visit

Let's continue our guide to the places to visit in Cappadocia with Saruhan / Sarıhan Caravanserai.

Saruhan Caravanserai, built on an area of 2,000 square meters by Izzettin Keykavus in 1249, has a great historical importance as it is the last caravanserai of the Anatolian Seljuk State.

Not only the history, but also the architecture of the caravanserai is very interesting. It is said that the name of the caravanserai, which is dominated by the 13th century Seljuk architectural features, was taken from the yellow, pink and camel hair colored cut stones used in its construction.

The most striking part of the caravanserai, which consists of summer and winter sections, is its flamboyant gate known as the Crown Gate form. Of course, it is impressive in every respect with its seasonal courtyards, rooms, wall decorations and indeed its castle-shaped general appearance.

Today, Saruhan Caravanserai serves as Saruhan Culture and Congress Center for cultural and artistic activities and special events. For example, Whirling Dervish shows are held every day at 18:00 and 21:00.

If you want to visit Saruhan Caravanserai on the historical Silk Road, you can add Avanos to your list of places to visit, or visit the following address to attend special events:

7. Pottery Workshops

Pottery Workshops Places to see in Cappadocia

Talking about places to visit in Avanos, it is impossible not to reserve a place for pottery workshops, even if they are small!

The Kızılırmak, which runs through the middle of Avanos, one of the most touristic centers of Cappadocia, has not only added visuality to the region but also a completely different culture.

Thanks to the pottery made with the ceramic paste obtained by mixing the red soil of Kızılırmak and the spindle, an art unique to Avanos has emerged.

This art, which has been going on for years, has now turned into a culture specific to the region and pottery workshops have been opened in Avanos.

These workshops are just perfect places to visit and witness the works of art or to buy a souvenir from Cappadocia. But that doesn't end there.

With the lathe used in making old-style pottery, you can try making your own pottery with the help of masters in many workshops. Although it looks very easy from the outside, you will realize how difficult it is when you try!

8. Guray Museum

Guray Museum Places to visit in Cappadocia

Güray Museum is the world's first and only underground ceramic museum. If you want to explore Avanos ceramics and pottery art in more detail and closely, I suggest you take your time.

The museum serves with two sections, the Ancient Artifacts Hall and the Modern Artifacts Hall, and a cultural center.

In the Hall of Antiquities, you can see ceramics and pottery works from the Late Chalcolithic Period, Bronze and Iron Ages, Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman Periods, as well as finds from the region.

The Modern Works Hall, on the other hand, features the works of our world-famous ceramic artists.

Apart from the two halls, there is a cultural center where you can see examples from different branches of art such as photography, painting and sculpture, and which hosts different exhibitions.

9. Sergeant

Cavusin Where to visit in Cappadocia?

Çavuşin Village, a village in Avanos, stands out as one of the oldest settlements in Cappadocia.

Although the village offers a dark atmosphere with ruins on one side and even makes it feel like a horror movie at night, it is a very cute place with its locals and places to visit.

There are many churches in the region where the Christian population lived in the Roman period. Among these churches, the Çavuşin Church, the Three Crusaders, St. Mary's Church, Kolonlu Church, and John the Baptist Church are the first to come to mind.

Apart from the churches, there are many pottery workshops in Çavuşin Village where you can get to know the tradition of pottery closely.

Let's get to know Çavuşin and his surroundings better!

10. Cavusin Church

Cavusin Church, places to visit in Cappadocia

The most prominent church in Çavuşin, the church center of Cappadocia, is perhaps the Çavuşin Church.

Çavuşin Church is located right at the entrance of the village. Of course, don't expect a building, the church is inside a rock formation that looks like a castle.

The church, which is estimated to date back to 964, is among the oldest churches in Cappadocia. In 1985, it was included in the World Cultural Heritage list, proving its beauty.

11. Pasabag Priests Valley

Pasabag Priests Valley Cappadocia places to visit

This valley, which is known as Paşabağ and Priests Valley, is one of the places to spend time in Cappadocia.

The most important feature of the valley is that it hosts the examples that best reflect the formation phase of the fascinating fairy chimney shape.

The first thing that comes to mind when talking about fairy chimneys is the figures with mushroom hats.

Another feature of the valley is that it once hosted secluded Christian clergy. For this reason, it is also called the Valley of the Priests, and there are also many chapels and churches in the valley. One of the most popular is the chapel built in the name of St. Simeon.

12. Gulludere Valley

Güllüdere Valley, places to visit in Cappadocia

When it comes to places to visit in Cappadocia, Güllüdere Valley is a place that both trekking and landscape lovers should prioritize.

Located between Göreme and Çavuşin, the valley is divided into two branches, Güllüdere I and Güllüdere II, and offers a 4 km trekking route.

Let's get to the view! The fairy chimneys in the valley turn into a red rose color with the sunlight. It is a legendary sight, especially at sunset.

The valley is not just for scenery and trekking; It also stands out with churches, monasteries, dovecotes and different living spaces carved into the rocks.

For the curious, the prominent churches in the valley are:

Yovakim – Church of Anna

Mast Church

Ayvali Church

The Crusader Church

Church of the Three Crosses

13. Kizilcukur Valley

Kızılçukur Valley, places to see in Cappadocia

I think the most beautiful and enjoyable address for the sunset view in Cappadocia: Kızılçukur Valley!

Kızılçukur Valley or Kızıl Vadi is full of red-colored tuff rocks, unlike the cream-colored fairy chimneys. These red rocks turn red at sunset and offer a completely different view with the colors of the sky.

Besides the perfect spots to watch the scenery, there is also a very pleasant walking route. After passing through tunnels and bumpy roads, Meskendir Valley will welcome you.

Let me remind you at this point, it is useful to have a flashlight with you for tunnels and to choose suitable shoes and clothes.

Moreover, during your journey, you can see structures such as churches and monasteries, especially the Cross Church and the Üzümlü Church.

14. Church of John the Baptist

Church of St. John the Baptist Cappadocia places to visit

The Church of John the Baptist, whose history is estimated to date back to 964 – 965, is one of the oldest churches in Cappadocia.

The entrance to the church carved into the rock is followed by a triple basilica dedicated to John the Baptist.

The depictions painted on the walls of the church are also very interesting. The walls of Hz. The "Dance of Salome" event, which led to the murder of John the Baptist, who performed the baptism of Jesus, is depicted.

At the entrance of the church, you can see the frescoes of Gabriel and Michael.

Cappadocia Underground Cities

In our list of places to visit in Cappadocia, I would like to mention the underground cities, one of the most important and extraordinary structures of the region, under a heading. Here are some of the most beautiful underground cities you can explore in the region:

1. Özkonak Underground City

Where to visit in Özkonak Underground City Cappadocia?

Özkonak Underground City, which is estimated to have been built by the Hittites in 400 BC, is located in Özkonak Town, 14 km from Avanos.

The underground city built on the northern slopes of İdiş Mountain was built inside the volcanic tuff layers.

Özkonak Underground City, which was built with 4 floors, has many things to see, although it cannot be visited because all parts are not cleaned.

There are stables on the ground floor and living areas such as bedrooms, living rooms and baby rooms as you go down to the lower floors. Apart from the rooms, there are also different sections such as wells, tombs, wine warehouses.

The last part of the bottom floor is both frightening and intriguing! The section, which was built as a prison, is accessed through a tunnel where only one person can fit.

Let's not pass without mentioning the features that make Özkonak Underground City different from other Cappadocia underground cities.

Özkonak Underground City was built with long and narrow holes that allow communication between floors as a defense strategy. While hiding from the enemy, communication and air exchange were provided through these holes.

Another difference is the hunting holes in the slide stones. Holes were drilled into the bolt stones, which were used as doors to prevent the entrance of the enemy, and they were used for throwing arrows, spears or pouring hot oil.

2. Thuja Underground City

Mazi Cappadocia places to see

Let's continue with the underground cities of Cappadocia! Our next route: Mazı Underground City.

Mazı Underground City, located in Mazı Village, known as Mataza in ancient times, has 8 floors and an estimated capacity of 6,000 people. The underground city has 4 entrances, the main entrance is through a corridor.

Inside, there is an ostentatious church as well as different living spaces.

3. Derinkuyu Underground City

Where to visit Derinkuyu Cappadocia?

If you want to spare time for a single underground city in your Cappadocia sightseeing program, you can take a look at Derinkuyu Underground City, which is considered the most popular underground city.

Derinkuyu Underground City is located in Derinkuyu district, which is 30 km from Nevşehir and has almost 500 underground cities.

According to what is known, Derinkuyu's history dates back to the Assyrian colonies. There is everything that a huge society can sustain in the 8-storey underground city, which is big enough for almost 50,000 people to live.

Houses, stables, warehouses, missionary school, confessional, baptismal pool, wells and many more areas await you.

4. Kaymakli Underground City

Places to visit in Kaymakli Cappadocia

Kaymaklı Underground City is another point as popular as Derinkuyu among the underground cities of Cappadocia.

The history of the underground city, located in Kaymaklı, 20 km from Nevşehir, dates back to 3000 BC, to the Hittite period. With the expansions in the Roman and Byzantine periods, it has turned into a city with 8 floors and almost 5,000 people.

Only 4 floors of Kaymaklı Underground City can be visited. If you go down to the 4th floor, you go down to 20 km deep.

Here, too, you will see many formations of a city, from rooms to wine warehouses, from kitchens to churches.

Attention!: In all underground cities, you should be careful about signs. Follow the red arrows as you enter and the blue arrows when exiting. This way, you won't get into narrow or tunnels that shouldn't be entered.

Places to Visit Nearby

If you have discovered places close to the center of Cappadocia and do not have any problems with sightseeing time, you can add these important structures in the surrounding area to your list of places to visit in Cappadocia.

1. Ihlara Valley

Places to visit in Ihlara Valley, Cappadocia

If you have enough time, there is a very pleasant place that I would recommend to add to your list of places to visit in Cappadocia: Ihlara Valley.

First of all, where is Ihlara Valley? Ihlara Valley is located 100 km from Nevşehir. Aksaray is connected to the Güzelyurt district of our province.

As you can see, it is not very close, even if you provide transportation with your own vehicle, you have to allocate a day for the Ihlara Valley trip. If you do not have a car, you can choose tours or take the bus to Aksaray and then to Ihlara Valley.

Even after reaching Ihlara Valley, the journey does not end! 382 steps are waiting for you to descend into the valley… Remember, of course, there will be a return

The valley has a length of 14 km from Ihlara Village to Selime, but touristic trips generally end in Belisırma Village, that is, after 6 km, before arriving in Selime. This part is up to you, of course.

You can walk as long as you want along the Melendiz Stream, which passes through the middle of the valley. It takes about 5 hours if you plan to walk to the end.

There are 105 religious buildings in the valley, including churches, monasteries and underground churches carved into the rocks. However, you can visit 14 of them. Here are those churches:

Treealti Church

Hyacinth Church

Serpentine Church

Kokar Church

Prinliseki Church

Egritas Church

Mast Church

Church of Saint George (Kıkdamaltı)

Karagedik Church

Ala Church

Bezirhane Church

Bahattin Samanlığı Church

Batkin Church

Drumlu Pigeon Church

My personal suggestion is to be prepared for water and food before going down to the valley. After the walk, it is very pleasant to sit by the Melendiz Stream and take a mini picnic break.

Cappadocia map

Cappadocia places to visit map. You can open the map in Google Maps and view all sightseeing points, hotel recommendations, shopping places etc., click.

If you are one of those who like to travel with a map, you can use this map that I prepared specially for the places to visit in Cappadocia during your trip.

On the map, you can see the locations of the places to visit and hotel recommendations that I mentioned throughout the guide, and you can get the location for the most ideal transportation route from your current point to the place you want. Click to open the Cappadocia sightseeing map on Google Maps.

Stay in Hotels Close to Attractions in Cappadocia

Accommodation along the places to visit in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is one of the holiday routes with plenty of places to visit and see. When this is the case, it is more important than ever to find the right spot for accommodation. If you are looking for suggestions for accommodation in Cappadocia, let's get started.

First of all, where to stay in Cappadocia? I have 5 region suggestions, the details of which you can find in the guide:

Göreme is the most touristic center of Cappadocia and also the ideal region for transportation to other regions.

Ürgüp, which is one of the most important centers of Cappadocia and stands out with its luxury hotel options

Uçhisar is smaller than Göreme and Ürgüp, but rich in places to visit.

Avanos, which is located on both sides of the Kızılırmak River and is the center of many traditions about Cappadocia.

Ortahisar, which is 5 km away from Ürgüp, offers a quieter alternative for accommodation.

Let's come to the hotel recommendation in Cappadocia. Cappadocia is one of the most important tourism centers of our country. Naturally, there are many options for accommodation in the surrounding area for every budget.

To give a quick hotel name, you can take a look at Safran Cave Hotel, Les Maisons De Cappadoce or if you are looking for a luxury place, Artemis Cave Suites.

How to go to places to visit in Cappadocia?

First of all, don't let the number of prominent regions worry you about transportation. Although they are separate regions, each is actually close to each other. Therefore, transportation in Cappadocia is not a problem.

However, when you look at public transportation alternatives in Cappadocia, there is not a very advanced system. There are minibuses, minibuses and taxis. Although all of them provide transportation between regions, you may experience difficulties in terms of flight times and comfort.

My recommendation for transportation to places to visit in Cappadocia is definitely a personal vehicle. If you have the opportunity, I would recommend you to go with your own vehicle or to take a look at the car rental alternatives in Cappadocia. So you can reach wherever you want, whenever you want.

There are many places to visit and Cappadocia is a large area in terms of surface area. In other words, traveling by car will provide a great advantage in terms of time and comfort.

It is a great savior in personal vehicle planning when you consider activities such as watching the balloons at sunrise and visiting the valleys at sunset.

What to Eat in Cappadocia?

Let me warn you from the beginning, Cappadocia is fascinating with its places to visit, as well as appetizing with its flavors! So be prepared to eat a lot of food during your trip.

What about what to eat in Cappadocia, what are the local flavors of Cappadocia? Here are the answers:

Testi kebab

Hair Pan

Apricot Stew

Chickpea Stew

Wedding Soup

Stuffed Quince

Stuffed Onions

Pottery Beans

Turmeric Rice



Dry Cream

Where to go for shopping in Cappadocia?

If you want to buy something for yourself or your loved ones after the holiday, let's talk about where to go shopping in Cappadocia.

There are no shopping malls or chain stores in Cappadocia. There are places such as gift shops, stores selling local products from food to clothing, workshops, etc., suitable for those who want to shop for souvenirs from where they go.

These places I mentioned are spread over the touristic areas of Cappadocia. In other words, you have the opportunity to shop in Göreme, Ürgüp or Uçhisar, Ortahisar or Avanos.

Let's not go without saying: pottery workshops in Avanos, wine factories in Ürgüp, carpet and rug shops in Cappadocia in general, ceramists, jewellers and cream makers stand out.

When to go to Cappadocia?

When to go to Cappadocia? I think every season should go! Because every season in Cappadocia has its pros and cons, but the spring and winter months have more pros. So my suggestions are as follows:

First of all, let's start with the most ideal time that will make everyone happy, namely spring. In the spring, Cappadocia is neither too hot like the summer nor too cold like the winter time. So you can travel comfortably. Of course, even though the days are hot, be prepared for the cold in the evening.

Moreover, spring weather is ideal for those who want to experience ballooning in Cappadocia.

Now let's come to the winter period. The snowy state of Cappadocia is different, it is beautiful! The stunning views look even more spectacular with snow, you literally feel like you're in a different world.

If you want a dreamy white Cappadocia, you can plan a winter holiday in Cappadocia, taking into account the cold temperatures.

Movies to Watch Before Going to Cappadocia

For those who want to increase the excitement and gain familiarity before going to Cappadocia, I would like to list the films that should be watched before going to Cappadocia:

After a very long guide to places to visit in Cappadocia, it is useful to have a short summary of where to visit in Cappadocia.

From the sky to the underground, from sunrise to sunset, Cappadocia is an incredible place with every moment and every point. It offers different experiences that you will not encounter either in your international travels or in your domestic trips.

For this reason, the list of places to visit in Cappadocia is too detailed and long to be explained in a guide. Based on my personal experience, I tried to make a detailed guide as much as I could.