Travel Investor Network
(by Travel Tech Essentialist)

Brief Description of Travel Investor Network

Travel Investor Network is an invitation-only platform for investors to discover great travel, hospitality, and mobility startups.  A select and high-caliber group of investors (VCs, Corporates, Angels) have already joined TIN and have already received the first 6 cohorts of startups (72 startups from 25 countries, with 12-month revenue ranging from $0 to $6 million). The first connections between investors and startups have already been made.

As a member of the Travel Investor Network, you have the following benefits:
→ Monthly email with a curated list of startups raising capital
→ Access to a secure platform with quantitative and qualitative metrics for each startup I recommend
→ Searchable table to filter and find startups that match your criteria
→Networking and collaboration

Benefits for Investors 

Discovery, innovation landscape, and deal flow. Giving you a holistic view of the current travel innovation landscape.
Curation and screening. Startups are vetted, screened, and selected by me. I only recommend those that make it to the bottom of my funnel.
Searchable table with metrics for targeted matches. Investors can search, filter, and find startups that match their criteria.
Quick yes/no. Get the necessary information that enables you to make quick decisions on preliminary fit.
Connection. Investors have the founders' contact information to facilitate a direct connection.
Network. Network opportunities with some of the industry's best and most reputable players.

If you are a VC, angel investor, corporate development executive, consulting firm or innovator interested in joining the Travel Investor Network, please request an invite by completing this form (should take less than 2 minutes).

Are you a travel startup looking to fundraise?

If you are a startup looking to raise a round (from pre-seed to Series D), please complete this form to get started.

About Mauricio Prieto

From 1999 to 2015, I was cofounder, CMO, and board member of eDreams, growing the company to one of the largest Online Travel Agencies in the world with $5.5 billion in bookings, $550 million in revenue and $140 million EBITDA. eDreams was Spain’s first startup IPO, first unicorn, and Europe’s largest publicly traded eCommerce company. In 2015 I founded Travel Tech Essentialist, a travel innovation platform for entrepreneurs and investors, working with financial intermediaries and industry operators in the travel, hospitality, and mobility sectors.

Before my involvement in the travel sector, I worked 4 years in product development at Charles Schwab’s online brokerage division in San Francisco and as a consultant at Booz Allen & Hamilton in Mexico City. Originally from Mexico, I have roughly lived 1/3 of my life in the US, 1/3 in Spain and 1/3 in Mexico. I live mostly in New Orleans and am often in Barcelona where I teach entrepreneurship at IESE Business School and own one of Spain’s most iconic tapas restaurants: Cal Pep :-)