Project #5 - Medical aid for vulnerable children

Vision – To provide funds for necessary medical intervention in cases of disease and emergency

Health care is a basic human right. Unfortunately, many children do not receive adequate health care including yearly examinations and vaccines. Our goal is to help very vulnerable children receive the medical care they need in order to live healthy and productive lives.

Project Milestones and Successes :

  • A baby age 9 months in Tanahun district of Nepal was diagnosed with Chiary 2 malformation associated with Spina bifida and hydrocephalus. Surgery was successfully performed to treat the hydrocephalus in August 2021. Further surgeries are planned to treat the child's other conditions.

Title Sponsor & Partner

Project #4 - University Education (Paused)

Vision – Empowering through higher education

Through higher education we hope to empower the former children of Chhahari to conduct studies on issues that are of great importance for them and for the future of Nepal.

Title Sponsor & Partner

  • Möller Foundation

Project #3 - Football Tournament for girls in Kathmandu


Vision – Empowering girls' rights and opportunities

Our vision is through football and long-term support and inspiration to give girls improved self-esteem, knowledge about their rights and tools to transform their dreams into goals.

Project Milestones and Successes :

  • Training camps in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019

  • Tournament for 23 girl teams from Kathmandu valley in March 2019

Title Sponsor & Partner

Project #2 - Sagarmatha Educational Academy

Sagarmatha Educational Academy is a private institute nearby Chhahari in Kathmandu, Nepal that provides about 470 children with education among them the children of Chhahari. (www.sageacademy.edu.np)

Vision – To facilitate educational opportunities for Sagarmatha Educational Academy students

Children and learning is our future. Transparent Aid's vision is to create democratic world citizens with an understanding of the digital society through sustainable learning with the help of digital tools and content in a developing, practical, social, ethical and safe manner. Using our years of experience in many disciplines , we share our knowledge to everybody in the learning world. Through relevant research, we take action to help schools develop into the future.

Project Milestones and Successes :

  • Thirty used iPads were obtained from Lin Education, Sweden and delivered to Sagarmatha Educational Academy November, 2018;

  • Transparent Aid volunteers have taught classes (chemistry, math, English, photography, sustainability, civic responsibility and football) at Sagarmatha Educational Academy since 2011

  • Cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) workshop in 2015

  • "Making Math Easier" teachers' workshop in 2018


Project #1 - Chhahari Organization Nepal Childrens' Home

Chhahari Organization Nepal is a registered NGO (non-governmental organization) based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Chhahari cares for Nepalese village children whose parents have either passed away, disappeared or are too poor to feed and educate them. In a country where there is no social security and the political situation is highly controversial, Chhahari wants to provide a unique opportunity for vulnerable children to be loved and cared for in a small, family-like environment and educated at a school.

Vision – A new childrens' home

Like many childrens' homes in Nepal Chhahari Organization Nepal (CON) children’s home in Kapan, Kathmandu was dissolved during the Covid pandemic by Nepalese authorities. CON is currently monitoring the situation and searching for other locations to establish a new childrens' home.

Project Milestones (paused):

  • To acquire a piece of land in Kathmandu where a childrens' home can be built (alternatively a completed building)

  • To create an attractive concept for a new childrens' home

  • Attracting sponsors with the concept of and securing the finances for the new childrens' home

More projects to come....