El Cerrito del Norte TOD
Complete Streets Improvement Project

The El Cerrito del Norte TOD Complete Streets Improvement Project will implement multimodal transportation improvements identified in the San Pablo Avenue Specific Plan and Active Transportation Plan, adopted by City Council in 2014 and 2016, respectively, after a robust public outreach.

The project consists of improvements for bicyclists, pedestrians, transit users, and motorists to support transit-oriented development in the Uptown area of the Specific Plan. Project elements include enhanced and protected crosswalks, context-sensitive bikeways, bus boarding islands, circulation improvements, and various streetscape enhancements around and leading to the Del Norte BART Station.

San Pablo Avenue (2018)

San Pablo Avenue Vision

Vision for San Pablo Avenue

“Imagine San Pablo Avenue as a grand boulevard stretching from Oakland to Hercules, with jewels of pedestrian-friendly and family-friendly mixed-use urban and distinctive neighborhoods along the way.

The San Pablo Avenue of the future will include a diverse range of housing, business, service, recreational, educational, transportation and civic opportunities with distinct nodes of activity in each city connected by an attractive, multi modal world class boulevard”.

Loni Hancock

Former State Assembly Member/State Senator

Destination: San Pablo Avenue/SR 123 Vision (2004)

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