Transformative Learning Hub

About us

The Transformative Learning Hub seeks to blur the boundaries conventionally drawn between research and education. Recognising that we are all equally ‘problem-solvers, thinkers and learners’ (Glassman & Erdem 2014, 209), we focus on nurturing creative and constructive efforts to enable people of diverse backgrounds and in diverse settings ‘to critically question and assess the integrity of their deeply held assumptions about how they relate to the world around them’ (Mezirow & Taylor 2009, xi). 

The Transformative Learning Hub is a community of practice that brings together researchers, educators, students, changemakers and activists across different disciplines and fields at Wageningen University & Research and beyond. What connects us is our shared interest in engaging with transformative and participatory theory and methodologies in our research, teaching and societal engagement - bringing together heads, hearts, hands, and feet. 

We hold regular thematic community gatherings (see below for our agenda and updates), run an annual PhD course on transformative and participatory arts-based research methods, and support staff training initiatives in the fields of transformative learning and interdisciplinary research. We also actively work to introduce transformative and participatory approaches and techniques into spaces and among groups beyond the Hub. Check out what we're doing in greater detail below!

If you're interested in participating and/or contributing to the TL Hub's activities, please contact its coordinators: Anke de Vrieze ( and Meghann Ormond ( 

The TL Hub is a Centre for Space, Place & Society  (CSPS) research cluster at Wageningen University & Research. For more information about CSPS, visit 

Learning, training & connecting

Our regular Transformative Learning Hub gatherings

The Transformative Learning Hub's monthly community gatherings are typically structured around: 

Check out the 'Updates' blog section below for details on the TL Hub's upcoming and previous community gatherings. Participation is free of cost, and everyone is welcome!

'Transformative & Participatory Qualitative Research Approaches & Methods' (TPAR) PhD course

This annual course for PhD candidates and early-career researchers provides both conceptual and hands-on methodological engagement with transformative, participatory and action research approaches that use creative and arts-based research methods and techniques to foster the inclusion and engagement of diverse (often marginalised) perspectives and to bring into focus, examine and transform narratives, representations and practices.  

Check out the WASS course webpage to see our course flyer and to register. This video gives prospective course participants an overview of what alumni experienced and appreciated aby the course: 

We run the course again in Feb.-Mar. 2024. 

'Transformative Online Learning: Building & Facilitating Nurturing Learning Environments' training course

Thanks to special educational funding from Wageningen University, transformative learning specialist Neza Krek trained 20 educators throughout WUR from Nov. 2020-May 2021. It ran again between Jan.-June 2022 for a new batch of staff and students seeking to bring the course's innovative vision on learning to their facilitation, research and teaching practices. 

Check out the course brochure here: 

Training & coaching for the Centre for Unusual Collaborations' (CUCo) Spark & UCo fellows

CUCo supports unusual collaborations  by funding projects involving researchers from fields that otherwise would not collaborate. It seeks to invest in scholars, provide scholars with the skills to effectively engage in interdisciplinary collaborations. To do this, TL Hub co-founders Meghann Ormond and Anke de Vrieze, along with TU/e's Leo Tiokhin and CUCo's Corinne Lamain, together developed an interdisciplinary training programme for Spark fellows that premiered in September 2022.

Learn more about the CUCo Spark and how to register for the Spark learning journey here: The next Spark learning journey begins in March 2024!