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Anuj Kumar

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/001Area of Expertise:- Fuel cells and Battery Energy storage systems,Solar PV Installation Email Past Internship/Experience:- CSIR-CGCRI, Solar Pulse Energy Pvt. Ltd.,CUJCV/Resume:- Click here

Sayani Bhattacharjee

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/002Area of Expertise:-Solar Data AnalyticsEmail Internship/Experience:-GSES India,Bureau of Energy Efficiency,CUJ, DVC- Maithon, CLW Chittaranjan CV/Resume:- Click here

Akanksha Verma

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/003Area of Expertise:- Power System Load And Frequency Control And Wind Energy ConversionEmail Past Internship/Experience:-IIT Dhanbad, CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology-Thiruvananthapuram CV/Resume:-Click here

Shubham Kumar

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/004Area of Expertise:- PV System (Reliability,Testing,Design,Operation and Maintenance), Energy Economics And Managment, Energy Policy Email Past Internship/Experience:-National Institute of solar Energy(NISE),IIT Roorkee,SAIL Bokaro, Centre Of Excellence-GEET, NGPRL-CUJ, CV/Resume:- Click here

Shrestha Bhattacharya

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/006Area of Expertise:-Solar Cell fabrication,Materials and Devices, Manufacturing Process,Solar PV Designing Email Past Internship/Experience:-DSTPS Andal, CSIR-CMERI Durgapur, CSIR-NPL DelhiCV/Resume:- Click here

Nitin Bajpai

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/007Area of Expertise:-Energy-Environment-Health Nexus, Electric Vehicle,Solar PV design,Energy Policy, Coal Based TPPs, Data modelingEmail Past Internship/Experience:-Solar Universe India-New Delhi, MANIT-Bhopal,CCL-Ranchi, TERI-New delhi CV/Resume:- Click here

Nikhil Kumar Singh

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/008Area of Expertise:-Solar PV design & EPC,Solar policyEmail ID:- Past Internship/Experience:-CUJCV/Resume:- Click here

Varsha Jena

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/009Area of Expertise:-Electrical Machine Design (DC Motors) Email ID:- varshaj611@gmail.comPast Internship/Experience:-East Coast Railway, CUJ, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology-Thiruvananthapuram CV/Resume:- Click here

Swati Anand

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/010Area of Expertise:- load frequency control in Solar PVEmail Past Internship/Experience:-CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad, CUJ, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology-ThiruvananthapuramCV/Resume:- click here

Kreeti Kumari poddar

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/012Area of Expertise:-PV Module and System Reliability, Design, Energy Materials, Electric Vehicles, PV Operation & Maintenance. Email ID:- Past Internship/Experience:-NCPRE-IIT Bombay,IIT BHU, NGPRL-CUJ, DSTPSCV/Resume:- Click here

Shashank Kapardar

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/013Area of Expertise:-Solar EPC, Solar Consultancy, Green Buildings Email Past Internship/Experience:- NCPRE-IIT Bombay, South-Eastern Railway,Coe-GEET CUJCV/Resume:- Click here

Aishik Basu Mallick

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/014Area of Expertise:-Solar cells material and device structure, manufacturing processes, Solar PV designing Email Past Internship/Experience:-DSTPS- Andal, CMPDI- Ranchi, CUJ, CSIR-NPL New Delhi CV/Resume:- Click here

Rishav Kumar

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/015Area of Expertise:-Energy Policy Email Past Internship/Experience:- CUJCV/Resume:- NA


Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/016Area of Expertise:- Direct Energy conversion systems, Energy storage, Energy materialsEmail Past Internship/Experience:- CSIR-CMERI Durgapur, CUJCV/Resume:- Click here

Vivek Bara

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/017Area of Expertise:-wind turbine installation, Rural Energy Technologies,Energy Policy Email Past Internship/Experience:-South Eastern Railway, CUJCV/Resume:- Click here

Ankita Kumari

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/018Area of Expertise:-, Green Buildings, Solar Photovoltaic manufacturing Email Past Internship/Experience:-CSIR-CGCRI,Sunshine power products Pvt. Ltd.,CUJCV/Resume:- Click here


Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/019Area of Expertise:-Solar PV system design, installation and Energy Policies Email Past Internship/Experience:-SAIL Bokaro, ACC Ltd. Sindri, IIT Kanpur, CUJ CV/Resume:- Click here

Saurabh Kumar

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/021Area of Expertise:-Solar EPC, Solar Consultancy, Green Buildings Email Past Internship/Experience:-Geo power,NTPC Barh, Solar Universe India. CUJ CV/Resume:- Click here

Shantanu Suman

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/022Area of Expertise:-Energy Auditing & Solar PV system design Email Past Internship/Experience:-NTPC-Barh, Bureau Energy Efficiency,CUJ, Energy Solution Company CV/Resume:- Click here

Shambhavi Mishra

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/023Area of Expertise:-Energy Tariff, energy policies, solar PV design Email Past Internship/Experience:- Jharkhand state Electricity Regulatory commission, SAIL Bokaro, NGPRL-CUJ CV/Resume:- click here

Indranil Halder

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/024Area of Expertise:-Thin Film Solar Cell, Gas sensors, Thin Film Deposition Techniques Email Past Internship/Experience:-CSIR-NPL New Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, DSTPS DurgapurCV/Resume:- Click here

Vishal Chandra

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/025Area of Expertise:- PV System Reliability, Energy Data Analytics, Energy Auditing & Management Email Past Internship/Experience:- National Institute of Solar Energy(NISE), NTPC-Barh, DVC, CUJCV/Resume:- Click here

Ankit Kumar Sah

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/026Area of Expertise:-Solar Power Plant Designing and InstallationEmail ID:- ankitsah048@gmail.comPast Internship/Experience:-Solar Pulse energy Pvt. Ltd., CMPDI- Ranchi,CUJ,CCL-Ranchi CV/Resume:- Click here

Tulip Kumar

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/027Area of Expertise:-EPC of Solar Power Plant, Solar Consultancy,SPV Power Plant Designing,Energy Management Email Past Internship/Experience:- Solarsmiths Energy Pvt. Ltd, GSES India, Solar Pulse Energy Pvt. Ltd ,N.T.P.C Barh CV/Resume:- Click here

Ankit Prakash

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/028Area of Expertise:-Solar PV design,green building design Manufacturing of solar PV Cell and Modules , and quality testing Email ID:-ankitprakash0007@gmail.comPast Internship/Experience:-TATA Power solar, CUJ,CMPDI-Ranchi,TATA Steel-West Bokaro CV/Resume:- Click here

Vaibhav Singh

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/029Area of Expertise:-Solar PV design,installation, operation and maintenance of solar & Wind power plant. Email ID:-vaibhav6254singh@gmail.comPast Internship/Experience:-panamarenewable pvt. ltd., CUJ CV/Resume:-Click here

Rahul Kumar

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/031Area of Expertise:-Rural Energy Electrification,Solar PV design,Energy policy,project managementEmail Past Internship/Experience:-NCPRE-IIT Bombay, South-Eastern Railway,Coe-GEET CUJCV/Resume:- Click here


Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/032Area of Expertise:-Energy Policy, Energy tariff and calculation,Solar photovoltaic system, design and installation Email Past Internship/Experience:-Jharkhand state electricity regulatory commission, NGPRL-CUJ, South Eastern Railway CV/Resume:- Click here

Sudhanshu Anand

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/033Area of Expertise:-Industrial Energy Efficiency, Audit and Management; Energy Efficient Building Design and Analysis; Solar PV Plant design. Email Past Internship/Experience:-National Productivity council-New Delhi, Bureau of energy efficiency, Centre of Excellence-GEET,South Eastern RailwayCV/Resume:- Click here

Prashant Kumar

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/034Area of Expertise:-Solar PV, Energy storageEmail ID:- Past Internship/Experience:-IIT Indore, NGPRL-CUJCV/Resume:- NA

Ashwani Kumar

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/035Area of Expertise:-Solar PV Design & EPC Email ID:- Past Internship/Experience:-Solar Pulse Energy Pvt. Ltd., CUJCV/Resume:- click here

Tapas Mandal

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/036Area of Expertise:-Green building simulation and Energy AuditEmail Past Internship/Experience:- GreenTree Building Energy (P) Ltd.,CSIR-CIMFR Dhanbad, CLW Chittaranjan, DVC Maithon. CV/Resume:- Click here

Arkaprava Biswas

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/037Area of Expertise:-Solar PV Design & EPC,Robotics Email ID:- Past Internship/Experience:-CUJCV/Resume:- click here

Brajesh Kumar Turi

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/038Area of Expertise:-Bio energyEmail ID:- Past Internship/Experience:-CUJCV/Resume:- NA

Rakesh Manjhi

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/039Area of Expertise:- Biogas, Waste to EnergyEmail Past Internship/Experience:-CUJ, South Eastern Railway CV/Resume:- Click here

Divya Kritika

Regn No. CUJ/I/2014/IEE/040Area of Expertise:-Industrial Energy Efficiency, Energy auditing, Green Buildings, Solar Photovoltaics Email Past Internship/Experience:- National Productivity council-New Delhi, Bureau of energy efficiency,NGPRL -CUJ,South Eastern RailwayCV/Resume:- Click here