Special Challenges

For the fun of IT

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An award, like the Duke of Edinburgh Award, but for the Digital Age.

Respected by employers and higher education establishments. Work your way through badges you like to earn yourself the Award.

This Award is paid for by the Government and large business so is free.


BEBRAS Logic Puzzles

The BEBRAS Computational Thinking Challenge takes place each year. It is an International competition.

Questions are put into age cateogries. The top 10% in each category are invited to the next competition called the TCS Challenge.

Why not try out some previous challenges?


Learn Python by commanding Code Warriors

Think "Scratch meets Game of Thones". This is a really fun way of learning Python.

Note: There are elements of this that require payment but there are plenty of other parts that are free to use.


Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is the most commerically successful British computer ever made. It is the 2nd most commercially successful computer in the World!

The Raspberry Pi is successful due in a large part to the eco-system that underpins it. There are loads of projects and challenges available for it and many of them can be found on the Raspberry Pi website.


A 4GB Raspberry Pi is all a student will need to succeed at school and beyond.

BBC Microbit

Back in the 1980's the BBC released a series of television programmes about coding. They also commissioned their own computer for schools.

The Microbit is the new BBC coding platform. Costing only £12 (CLICK HERE to buy) it has loads of different sensors to create infinite possibilities.


Hegarty Maths

A website that is widely used in schools to provide good quality online maths tutoring.

It is a subscription service.


Future Learn

A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) developed by the Open University offering a huge range of interesting courses for all.

CLICK HERE for the full site

CLICK HERE for a Raspberry Pi Robot challenge


Udemy is a website offering online courses built by anyone who has something to say. The courses are NOT free.

There is a huge range of courses available but at varying quality so it is advisable to check a course out before purchase.


Build a galaxy with code

Using a "Scratch-like" block coding language, you are given a set of challenges to make the galaxy safe from the evil Empire.

Good luck!


Binary Challenge

Computers are made up of switches.

Switches can be on or off.

Therefore computers can only store values of 1 or 0 (on or off).

But they can store much larger numbers when the switches are grouped together. Use this game to test your binary to decimal conversion skills.

Top score so far is 5020.


CyberSecurity Challenge

NOVA has teamed up with cybersecurity experts to create the Cybersecurity Lab, a game in which players will discover how they can keep their digital lives safe and develop an understanding of cyber threats and defenses. Players will advance by using computer coding, logical reasoning, critical thinking, and vulnerability detection to solve various problems. These are the same skills employed regularly by cybersecurity professionals. However, players won’t need any prior cybersecurity or coding expertise to succeed.


Made with code

Visual coding challenges from Google.



Mainly designed for teenage girls, this platform enables you to write romance stories between animated characters.

Why is it on a CT website? Because the characters are controlled using code. The mobile app is far easier to use than the desktop app.

CLICK HERE (age 13+)

Increase your typing speed

Improve your typing skills with these fun gamefied challenges.

Make sure you use the correct fingers - otherwise you will not progress.



LiveCoding is a performance art. A LiveCoder writes lines of computer code that is interpreted by a computer program in real-time which in turn produces music.

SonicPi uses all the x4 Principles of Coding; variable, loops, I/O and IFTTT

The difference to other coding is that you will be creating music!

N.B. If you cannot see these resources then you must log into RMUnify and refresh this page.

Scratch Coding Challenges

Scratch is a fantastic coding language. It is also very powerful and contains all the x4 Principles of Coding that students need to learn and practice at Key Stage 2 and 3.

Google have put together some excellent project ideas along with comprehensive support videos for all to follow from absolute beginner to expert.


Reaction Timer

Test how fast your reactions are with this simple timer circuit.

It will take about 30-45 minutes to do.

You will need:

  • cardboard
  • aluminium foil
  • permanent markers
  • a microbit with battery pack
  • 4 crocadile clips


Microbit challenge


Mainly a mobile phone app (but also available on desktop) that enables the programming of IoT (Internet of Things) applications.

Very easy to use and connects to ESP8266 and Arduino.

Note: This is NOT free although it does come with some free credit to start you off.


Learn the basics of Python

Python coding

Python is a very popular programming language and used by all the major software companies around the world. Learning how to code in Python would be very useful as well as very rewarding.


Cyber Discovery

Cyber Discovery has been created by the UK Government to help young people decide if Cyber Security is for them.

It consists of four phases, all of which involve challenges, tasks and games designed to improve your cyber security knowledge. The tools and integrated materials allow you to progress on your own, in your own time or as part of a Cyber Discovery club.