Dr. Tracy Daniel-Hardy

The Adventures of Butch and Ruby: Chronicles of a Caregiver

This book details a year in the life of a caregiver. The ebb and flow in this memoir detail the struggles of Tracy, a primary caregiver, through transparent and entertaining stories. The stories included may make you cry but will certainly make you laugh. The stories may help those who are starting their caregiver's journey and may also offer healing and resolve to those who have completed their journey. Each story includes helpful tips generated from Tracy’s reflections of her challenges as a caregiver.

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Release date: March 2022

Everyday Struggle: How Toxic Workspaces Impact Black Women

Everyday Struggle is a glimpse into the hell Black women endure while trying to survive in the workplace. From a looming pay gap that doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon, to dealing with microaggressions and blatant harassment and racism, Black women in America endure a lot just to make a living in this country.

This anthology shares the toxic work stories of thirteen Black women trying to survive the 9 to 5 rat race in America.

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Release date: November 2021

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The Women Who Lead Anthology book series features women who are doing extraordinary work in their respective careers and in life. Women Who Lead In Technology features 10 dynamic women who are in various fields of technology. Women from the classroom to the boardroom are making a positive difference and a major impact in the technology industry.

The authors of Women Who Lead in Technology share their successes and accomplishments as well as the challenges and obstacles that many of them faced in the tech industry. The authors have also included tech tips for the reader.

You will be inspired by their stories.

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Shut’em Down contains the traumatic stories of 20 Black women while working in Corporate America. Before now, Black women didn’t talk about the racial traumas they endured on their jobs. Instead, their feelings were often suppressed as they forced themselves to work through the hurt and humiliation…until now.

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