Welcome to Millersburg!

Welcome to Millersburg

About Millersburg,

Millersburg, Indiana welcomes you. We're small, but friendly with big smiles and big hearts, and we hope you'll share in the joy and happiness that we find in our community.

Surrounded by rich farmland, we like to feel like we're not only growing a variety of agricultural products to meet the needs of our nation, but more importantly, we're growing strong families and raising our children in a way that will help them find the joy in living that we have found in the heartland of America.

With our excellent schools, industry friendly environment, picturesque farms, and an attitude of gratitude for all that our great areas offers, Millersburg is on the move. Come join us. Sit under a shady tree on a hot summer day and drink lemonade. Listen to the excitement in children's voices as the meet Santa in the town square on a snowy winter evening. Come grow with us. We welcome you to our community and our home---Millersburg.