Air Conditioning


We CANNOT test a NON working A/C System prior to Re-Gas

Should your A/C System still fail to function after Re-Gas

You will still be charged for the Re-Gas Air Conditioning Prices

A/C Re-Gas Only       £49.00 (R134a refrigerant)

A/C Re-Gas Only       £99.00 (R1234yf refrigerant) Used in latest vehicles

Please note if your Vehicle fails to function after re-gas you will still be charged for

 the service provided as we are unable to test a non working system prior to re-gas

Anti Bacterial            £30.00(Removes Bacteria from A/C System and stops bad smells)

Fault Diagnosis         £60.00 per hour (Min charge 1 Hour) + Re-Gas Fee above

A/C Repairs               £70.00 per hour (Min Charge 1 Hour) + Parts

Are you are breathing clean air

If you have not used your car's air conditioning over the winter months, you may need to have the system checked, Condensation can build up on the unused evaporator which can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi which can cause sickness and flu like symptoms, also causes bad smells.

How to prevent problems

Run your air conditioning system for at least 10 minutes every week, this will prevent the seals from drying out and allow lubricant to flow round the system preventing premature failure 

Have your air conditioning cleaned and checked annually.

Have your air conditioning serviced every 3 years or 36,000 miles as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer