Class Structure

The class has two parts :

1) SAT question practice / analysis. Each class, we use a SAT practice book and do the practice in the class. The teacher will analyze the questions, identify students weakness and help students master SAT questions. . The teacher will summarize and generalize the typical question pattern, help students understand the question purposes and background information. There are a great amount of practice opportunity during and after the class. Additional practices will be assigned after the class.

An essay homework will be assigned every week. The teacher will grade every submitted essay and gave review comments. During the next class, one of the student's essay will be used to analyze together .

2) SAT critical reading /writing training . Each week we focus on a key document from history, science,culture, politics or religion, —exactly the kind of documents which now make up majority of the Reading section of the redesigned SAT. Following the timeline of Western Civilization, we learn about the intellectual, political, and cultural history of the society that produced the document. Students will be introduced to the great writers, philosophers, politicians, explorers,scientist, military leaders, and religious figures who changed the world. As they do, students will gain information literacy and critical thinking skills. They will gain the power to break down material from any era—to think independently. This critical reading and thinking skills are important and are foundations lead to great SAT achievements.