mini-workshop on topological light-matter states

The topological structure of electromagnetic and matter waves has broad scientitic implications ranging from photonics and light sources to particle accelerators and high energy physics. This provides a common background that allows to explore new connections between fundamental advances in non-linear optics and photonics with plasma physics and high energy physics. With the goal of exploring these relationships, IPFN through GoLP, CFTP and IT promote a mini-workshop on these topics with the following program:

To-be-held on Oct 28, Anfiteatro Abreu Faro (Complexo)

09.00 Opening

09.05 Topological non-Hermitian origin of surface electromagnetic and acoustic waves, Konstantin Bliokh (google scholar), RIKEN, Japan

09.50 Plasma accelerators and light sources: from compact to topological, Jorge Vieira, IPFN

10.20 Coffee break

10.40 Curiosities in resonance production in twisted particle collisions, Igor Ivanov (google scholar), CFTP

11.20 Non-reciprocity with "motion", Mario Silveirinha, IT/DEEC

11.50 Closing

Please register here (registration is free).

The presentations will be geared towards a general physics audience so all physics students are most welcomed to attend.

Organizing committee: Jorge Vieira, Igor Ivanov, Mario Silveirinha, Ana Luisa Matias

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