A German Indie Music composer, Artist and Game Developer. Currently working on an arcade shooter game called Arthropod Panic and several music projects.



All of my music that I have released through official / commercial channels (which is not much at the moment) is available on Spotify, which I guess is the most convenient way of accessing music nowadays. Of course it is also available in many digital music stores - just search for TooEmm in your store of choice and you should find me.

Check out all of my released music on Spotify in the playlist below:

Track Showcase (Music Visualizer)

Since June 2020 I started on a journey to release all of my music to the public. At first I just wanted to release my old tracks with better audio quality, which I figured could be done on a weekly basis in my spare time. But after I released the first couple of tracks, the creative juices got flowing and I started to drasticly improve upon the originals by adding more elements and changing the arrangement.

This project has evolved from a simple remaster to a remake and reimagining of the originals while also creating a new original (long) mix and a short and sweet radio edit for each track. My initial plan to release a new track every 7 days could not be maintained under these circumstances and is currently targeted at a 14 day interval.

Many of these tracks have never been presented to a broader audience. They have just existed on my hard drive and in the hands and ears of a handful people - in some cases for up to 20 Years. At least one of those other guys has been listening to and enjoying it all the time - I know that for a fact because he kept reminding me.

When he recently told me that he was very sad to have lost all of my music due to a hard drive crash, it triggered me to think about the fact that there are people who actually like what I am doing and that there might be a lot more people who might enjoy it, but never got the chance - just because I kept all of it away from the public.

I have been thinking about that several times over the years and also attempted to put this into action, but did not go through with it. Fear and doubts overpowered me. I also got so tangled up in the ups and especially downs in life that I lost touch to my creativity and stopped making music altogether, despite never losing the love and need for doing it.

My life turned around for the better in the last few years and I found new strength and enthusiasm to let my creative inner self out to play - never to be confined again. This is who I am and I finally feel ready to share it with the world. The thought of maybe having a positive impact on anybody, even just one person, fills my heart with joy and makes the effort even more worthwile.

At the moment all music will first be released as a video on YouTube and Facebook and later released through commercial channels, so it will be also available on Spotify and everywhere else.

You can listen to the YouTube Playlist below right away:

Piano Sessions

I am not a pianist and do not claim to be one. I learned playing it on my own but never took any lessions. The way I play has evolved naturally and I think I have become pretty good at it.

Of course I will never be able to compete with a professional pianist - that was never my intention. I just wanted to learn it to be a more capable music composer and it helped me to create many of my melodies by just playing the instrument.

I do not use music sheets - I just play. And usually everything I play are melodies that I composed myself. Very often these melodies are created spontaniously in that specific moment while I am playing. This makes every piano session unique and I would never be able to recreate one.

Normally I just play in private, but people have enjoyed listening to me. I do not give concerts and am not planning to do so - still I'd like people to be able to listen to it anyways. Therefore I try to keep reminding myself to set up my recording gear before I start jamming the keys.

All Piano Sessions will also be released on YouTube and Facebook.

You can listen to the YouTube Playlist below right away: