Matthias Martens a.k.a. TooEmm is a German electronic music producer and musician who mainly produces Trance and EDM music, but also explores other genres from time to time.

He was very active within the online underground music communities such as uptrax and myownmusic in the early and mid 2000's where he garnered a lot of positive recognition. Many of his tracks got high praise and reached high chart positions on these platforms. Selected tracks were played on sunshine live and various online radio stations. However his engagement in these communities died down after 2007 when he decided to go commercial.

He also participated in a few remix contests. In 2008 his remix of "Air One - Inside" was chosen as one of 10 remix contest winners and got released via Emergency Dance Records.

Although he had received a few offers from small indie labels he never signed on to one. So in the years that followed he self-published a handful of commercial tracks on the major music platforms and a couple of free ones on soundcloud and reverbnation but overall did not release a lot of music in that timeframe, just because life got in the way. However he still created music that just hasn't been released, yet.

His passion for music production has never disappeared and since 2020 he has become very active again, continuing to pursue his goal of breaking into the music industry once and for all.

He might be late to the party, but as an old saying goes: "Better late than never!"



The commercially released music can be streamed on Spotify (playlist below) or on most other major music platforms.

Track Showcase (Music Visualizer)

A playlist of song visualizer style videos featuring music by TooEmm, which also includes music that has not been released for sale or for free on any major music platform. Since 25th June 2020 a new track has been added weekly on Fridays. This list will be filled continuously and chronologically to represent all existing tracks, starting from the oldest and slowly progressing towards the newest.

Piano Session

Care for piano music? Watch and listen to live performances by TooEmm.