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Echoes From The Past, Part 1 

Echoes From The Past is a series of EP’s that features reimagined, evolved versions of classic TooEmm tracks from the past.

This is part one which contains new versions of five of the very first tracks that TooEmm created 20 years ago. The original versions were just prototypes and only recently released to the public for free on select services.

Naturally in 20 years TooEmm’s craftsmanship has improved and the style has changed a bit which means that these new versions are in most cases vastly different from their prototypes and can definitively be considered as brand new tracks.

If you like melodic, electronic music you are in the right place. But beware! You will encounter high speeds inside. It’s Energy Trance!

Checkout this smartlink for selected sources or (preferably) go to Bandcamp (or use the embedded player) if you want to purchase it.

Thank you very much in advance!

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