TomTom Go Premium - TomTom Car GPS - Latest TomTom GO Series

TOMTOM Go premium is a feature-filled, best connected, and smart navigation device that allows the users to stay updated with the routes and traffic alerts. Moreover, it is filled with the latest and updated features that assist the users throughout the journey.

TOMTOM Go Premium is a powerful navigation and traffic information with a few new features such as IFTTT (If This Then That) integrations. The user can stay connected to all things that matter in a connected world. The IFTTT feature lets the TOMTOM Go Premium connect to their home devices, sync appointments, get alerts and interact with personal digital assistants.

TOMTOM GO Premium is designed to make every journey enjoyable. Moreover, before getting into the vehicle, the built-in Wi-Fi will make sure that the software and maps are up-to-date. Also, the drivers can use the TOMTOM MyDrive app to pre-plan their routes, send their destination to the device. Furthermore, the users can share the location and arrival time with the contacts. Also, the users don’t have to worry about forgetting where the vehicle is parked because the application will remember.

TOMTOM Go Premium Features

Discussed below are some of the features of the TOMTOM Go premium. So, scroll down and check out the complete information discussed below and get aware of the features of TOMTOM Go premium. Moreover, the users are suggested to perform the TOMTOM update procedure to make the most of the navigation device.

Last Mile Navigation and Find My Car

If the user parks their car a short distance away from their final destination, they will get navigation instructions in the TOMTOM MyDrive app to walk to their destination. Also, on the way back, the user gets navigation instructions to find their car easily.

Recorded routes

It has a recorded routes feature that allows the users to record the most recent trips in the background to save them on their device. Also, the users can share their routes with the rest of the world.

Updates through Wi-Fi

The users will get the latest TomTom update and software for their TOMTOM GO premium with a built-in Wireless connection. Moreover, no system is required.

TOMTOM services via smartphone

It has active live services such as traffic by connecting to the smartphone through the TOMTOM MyDrive application.

Voice Control

The users can control their TOMTOM Go Premium through their voice.

Hands-free calling

It allows the users to make and receive high-quality calls in their cars easily. Therefore, for that, the users are suggested to connect their phone to the device.

Compatibility with Siri and Google Now

The users can activate and talk to Siri or Google Now by clicking on the TOMTOM Go Premium and using the built-in microphone.

TomTom Road Trips

The users can discover the best routes and personalize them to be relaxed and guided on the drive.


Through this feature, the users can plan their trip before they get on the road.

Quick access to settings

The users can see the status of the settings quickly and easily.

TOMTOM Go Premium Specs

  • Screen size: 6”

  • Screen resolution: WVGA

  • Battery life: Up to 1 hour

  • Active magnetic mount: Yes

  • Internal memory: 16 GB

How to install TOMTOM GO Premium?

The users are advised to follow the steps provided below to install the TOMTOM GO Premium. So, the users are recommended to perform the following procedures penned below.

  • First of all, connect the USB cable to the mount. If the mount is integrated into the TOMTOM GO Premium, the users can connect the USB cable to the device.

  • Note: The users are suggested to only use the USB cable that comes with the TOMTOM Go Premium. However, other USB cables won’t work.

  • After this, the users are suggested to connect the USB cable to the USB car charger.

  • Then plug into the power supply on the dashboard.

  • After this, the users are suggested to choose the best smooth location on their windscreen or side window to mount their TOMTOM GO Premium.

  • Note: The users are advised to ensure that both suction cup on the mount and the windscreen are clean and dry.

  • Now the users are advised to press the suction cup of the mount firmly against the windscreen.

  • The users are suggested to turn the rubber grip near the mount base in a clockwise direction until it gets locked.

  • If the mount is not integrated into the TOMTOM Go premium, the users are suggested to place the TOMTOM Go premium in the mount, ensuring that it sets into place.

So after successfully applying the steps, the users can easily install the TOMTOM Go premium. If any user comes across any issue while installing TOMTOM Go premium, they are advised to contact the experts for assistance. Moreover, the experts are active throughout the day and night to assist the users. So, feel free to contact the well-experienced team of TOMTOM Update and get the issue resolved.