This seems to me a faultless book. - James Hillman on After Prophecy

He has shifted the way I look at reality, the way I listen to language. - Cynthia Bourgeault on Imaginal Love

One of the most courageous thinkers I have ever read. - Robert Sardello on Green Man, Earth Angel

A powerful book that should be required reading for all believers. - Ginette Paris on After Prophecy

Anyone interested in anything must read this book. - Todd Lawson on After Prophecy

This book is a jewel that returns us to the “wild energies of creation." - Susan Rowland on Imaginal Love

This beautiful work ... leads us into being servants of the angel of the Earth." - Robert Sardello on All the World an Icon

A deep reading of The World Turned Inside Out could have the effect of turning the reader inside out! - David Miller


In the workshop I experienced a rare human being: a funny, passionate, engaging, joyous lecturer whose erudition is simply stunning. when I left the lecture I remember thinking, 'Tom makes me want to be a better human being.' - Jonathan Gustin

A scholar of extraordinary gifts and a wonderful speaker who carries his astonishing erudition lightly and elucidates the central place of the imagination in human consciousness. - Michael Lerner