Toki ma

Toki ma
the language of the world

NOTE: The info on this site is now outdated. Please go to the new site for an updated version.


toki ma is a minimal international auxiliary language. It is based in and extends toki pona, a philosophical artistic constructed language created by Sonja Lang in 2001. While toki pona is a great language, its purpose is not international communication, but to simplify thoughts and communication. So toki ma is my attempt to extend toki pona into a language that can be used in day to day communication.

The grammar of toki ma is more or less the same as that of toki pona, but with a few additions to include for example verbal aspect and subordinate clauses. The dictionary is modified, restricting the meaning of a few words and adding about a hundred new words (including a number system), a lot of them already in use in toki pona as unofficial words. Many of the new words are based in minimal english, but trying to keep the spirit of toki pona.

Note that this is a work in progress, and parts of the language may change.