Temporary Fencing Hire

What is Construction and Event Equipment Hire

While construction sites and public events may seem like completely different things, when it comes to functionality and the safety of those on site, they can be very similar indeed. With fencing needed to separate specific areas and to ensure site-security, and the presence of portable toilets being crucial – both are likely to need temporary solutions to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Temporary fencing

As briefly mentioned above, temporary fencing can be used in both construction sites and areas that are to be used for events (whether these are personal, public, or commercial). Having the necessary fencing options to guide heavy machinery and segregate areas that may be unsafe, as well as to lead guests and keep them from entering specific regions of a makeshift venue, can be one of the most important elements of setting up a functional and secure site.

There will typically be a range of options available to suit specific needs; from construction and high-vis fencing, to event fencing and crowd control barriers.

Portable toilets

Having access to a toilet on a site of any kind can be especially important – and can even comply with rules and safety guidelines set out for both workers and event patrons (those in charge may need to check regulations before setting up their location).

For many, choosing portable options can be more cost-effective and as many now feature easy-clean interiors and a high-volume waste capacity, they tend to be cleaner and more user-friendly than their predecessors.

Hiring this type of equipment

Investing in these solutions may be possible, but many in construction and event industries tend to find that hiring is more suitable for their needs. Temporary installations can be cost-effective and often come with their own cover in case of loss or damage – and can negate the need for additional transport (as they will often be delivered to the site itself). If the latter isn’t necessary (often if companies are hoping to save on delivery fees), equipment can be collected at a date and time that suits the project in question.

Hire terms and contracts will vary between selected equipment and from company to company, so there are likely to be many options available. With companies like Ready Fence portable temporary fencing hire servicing the greater Sydney metro region and offering much more than the standard (including liquid waste management, both internal and external hoarding, sewer connect portable toilets and even logistics and labour hire), there a certainly a range of solutions to choose from to suit every potential project.