Our Erasmus+ project aims to motivate students for a proactive learning, based on pedagogical experiences that promote the historical and cultural heritage, the environmental protection and sustainability at schools placed in fragile contexts. 

The project aims to bring together schools from differents regions of Europe, but which present similar disadvantages and challenges, especially with regard to support for pupils with learning difficulties and special educational needs. Our schools are located in less-favored regions of their respective countries and are intended to cooperate with each other in the sharing of good pedagogical practices and the development of less formal education strategies, using the arts, expressions, theater, music, sport and environments outside the classroom and out of school.

We want to unite East to Western Europe, to go from North to Southern Europe, reinforcing ties of sharing between education systems that are very different but which, in partner schools, feel the same problems and want to find solutions, that aim to raise the academic success of our students and open the School to local communities. 

These are the schools that will work together on this project:

Agrupamento de Escolas General Serpa Pinto, Cinfães - Portugal (coordinator school)

IC La Pira Gentiluomo, Messina - Italy

Incukalna Pamatskola, Incukalns - Latvia

Scoala Gimnaziala Vama Buzaului, Brasov - Romania

Demirçelik Ortaokulu, Iskenderun - Turkey