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Frequently asked questions...

What's a Toe and/or So Long?

An oddball/nonhuman sci-ish-fantasy buddy comic series that refuses to scream at you (or not be weird) about indecision, trauma, & addiction.

Toe is a big gray guy, and So Long is a cat. I think I've cleared things up here for everyone.

What do they get into?

The titular Toe and So Long, traverse an endless plane of portals known as the Doorscape. Wielding incredible powers they are seemingly unaware of (despite executing them every issue), the duo’s endless meandering begins to result in a seemingly predestined path of self-discovery and unseen adversity inside and out, exploring the themes of indecision, trauma, and addiction along the way. 

Whatisit? Whodunit?

The comic, itself, is a shonen-style unraveling of an outlandish sci-fantasy mystery taking place in a fun and vivid world beautifully illustrated by Chilean artist, Alexis Vivallo and created/designed by Jacob Campbell.

How does one acquire Toe and So Long?

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