Research + CV

August, 2019

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Contact Information

Senior Research Economist

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis



2018 - Senior Research Economist, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

2017-2018 Senior Scholar, Opportunity and Inclusive Growth Institute, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

2010-2017 Assistant Professor, Arizona State University

2007-2010 Assistant Professor, Clemson University


2007 PhD in Economics, Stanford University

2002 B.S. in Economics, Ohio State University

Published and Forthcoming Papers

"Life-Cycle Human Capital Accumulation Across Countries: Lessons from U.S. Immigrants” (with D. Lagakos, B. Moll, T. Porzio, and N. Qian). Journal of Human Capital, 2018, 12(2), 305-342.

"Human Capital and Development Accounting: New Evidence from Wage Gains at Migration" (with L. Hendricks). Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2018, 133(2), 665-700.

"Life-Cycle Wage Growth Across Countries" (with D. Lagakos, B. Moll, T. Porzio, and N. Qian). Journal of Political Economy, 2018, 126(2), 797-849.

"Wages, Human Capital, and Barriers to Structural Transformation" (with B. Herrendorf). American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2018, 10(2), 1-23.

"Early Childhood Human Capital and Development", American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, 2016, 8(3), 145-174.

"Why is Measured Productivity so Low in Agriculture?" (with B. Herrendorf). Review of Economic Dynamics, 2015, 18(4), 1003-1022.

"Environmental Regulations and the Welfare Effects of Job Layoffs in the United States: A Spatial Approach" (with N. Kuminoff and C. Timmins). Review of Environmental Economics and Policy, 2015, 9(2), 198-218.

"Student Abilities During the Expansion of U.S. Education" (with L. Hendricks). Journal of Monetary Economics, 2014, 63(2), 19-36.

"Families as Roommates: Changes in U.S. Household Size from 1850 to 2000" (with A. Salcedo and M. Tertilt). Quantitative Economics, 2012, 3(1), 133-175.

"Education Quality and Development Accounting", Review of Economic Studies, 2012, 79(1), 388-417.

"The Occupations and Human Capital of U.S. Immigrants", Journal of Human Capital, 2010, 4(1), 1-34.

"Marriage Laws and Growth in Sub-Saharan Africa" (with M. Tertilt), American Economic Review Papers and Proceedings, 2006, 96(2), 295-298.

Working Papers

"College Quality and Attendance Patterns: A Long-Run View" (with C. Herrington and L. Hendricks). April 2019. Revise and resubmit, American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics.

"Skilled Labor Productivity and Cross-country Income Differences" (with L. Hendricks). May 2019

Research in Progress

Basic Knowledge and the Growing Link Between Patents and Universities (with V. Smirnyagin).

Why Doesn't Technology Flow to Poor Countries? An Analysis of Multinational Wage Patterns (with J. Hjort and H. Malmberg).

Wages during Structural Transformation: The Importance of Cohort Labor Supply Decisions (with B. Hobijn and A. Vindas).

Labor Market Flows and Development (with K. Donovan and W. Lu).

A Cross-Country Perspective on the Labor Market Responses to Aggregate Shocks (with K. Donovan and W. Lu).

Employment Dynamics as a Size-Dependent Policy Multiplier (with K. Donovan and W. Lu).

Education and Public Sector Employment (with A. Rivadeneira)

Academic Visits

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (2016, 2013, 2012, 2011)

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (2012)

Invited Seminars

2019: World Bank

2018: Toronto, Atlanta Fed, Alberta, British Columbia, Connecticut, Warwick, Royal Holloway, Queen Mary, Cornell

2017: Oslo, UAB, IIES, Western Ontario

2016: Philly Fed, Chicago Fed, St. Louis Fed, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame

2015: ITAM, Getulio Vargas Foundation (Rio)

2014: Ottawa, Berkeley, Konstanz, Zurich, Mannheim, Frankfurt, UC - San Diego, Purdue, Indiana, Notre Dame

2013: Western Ontario, Toronto, York, British Columbia

2012: Minneapolis Fed, Ohio State, UC - Davis

2011: St. Louis Fed

2010: Arizona State, Cleveland State, South Carolina, Florida International

2009: Temple

2008: North Carolina, Cleveland Fed

2007: Illinois, Oxford (Nuffield), Missouri, Western Ontario, Clemson

Conference Presentations

2019: SED, Cowles Conference on Macroeconomics, Vienna Macro Cafe (planned)

2018: SED, Macroeconomics and Business CYCLE, Canadian Macro Study Group

2017: Conference on Human Capital and Financial Frictions (Georgetown); Thinking Big Conference on Macroeconomics; SED; Edinburgh Workshop on Agricultural Productivity, Rural-Urban Migration, and Structural Transformation; Philadelphia Search and Matching

2016: NBER EFJK Meeting; CIREQ Human Capital and Inequality Conference; SED

2015: Midwest Macro Meetings; SED; Conference in honor of the Life and Work of Gary Becker; NBER Time & Space; HKUST Conference on Urbanization, Structural Change, and Employment

2014: SED; RIDGE Workshop on Productivity Growth, Resource Misallocation and Development

2013: NBER EFJK Meeting; SED; Tsinghua Workshop in Macroeconomics, Growth and Development Conference (St. Louis); Vienna Macroeconomics Workshop; ASU Conference on the Development of Human Capital

2012: SED, Midwest Macro; Growth and Development Conference (Toronto); NBER EFJK Winter Meeting

2011: Midwest Macro; SED

2010: SED; NBER/BREAD Conference on Economic Development; LACEA TIGN Conference; Southern Growth Conference

2009: Econometric Society Winter Meeting; NBER Time & Space; Midwest Macro; Econometric Society Summer Meeting; SED

2008: Midwest Macro

2007: Midwest Macro; SED; Growth and Development Conference (Pittsburgh)


PhD: Growth and Development Topics Course

MBA: Macro/International

Undergraduate: Principles of Macro, Intermediate Macro, Growth and Development, International Economics, Trade

PhD Advising

Alberto Rivera-Padilla (2019, CSU-Fullerton)

Alex Rivadeneira (2019, Banco de Mexico)

Minjuan Sun (2018, Future-Moves Group)

Rishabh Sinha (2015, co-advisor, World Bank Research Division)

PhD Committee

David Bradley (2019, Analysis Group)

Ryan Wessel (2017, LDS Institute of Religion)

Adam Blandin (2016, Virginia Commonwealth University)

Xican Xi (2016, Fudan University)

Andy Ge (2015, Chinese Security Regulatory Committee)

Jaehan Cho (2014, Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade)

Chris Herrington (2013, University of South Alabama)

Kevin Donovan (2013, Notre Dame)

Paul Schreck (2011, analyst position at Minneapolis Fed)


"Skilled Immigration, Firms, and Policy" by Mehra (NBER IFM Meeting, Winter 2019)

"Structural Change in Investment and Consumption: A Unified Approach" by Herrendorf, Rogerson, and Valentinyi (NBER Economic Growth Small Group, Winter 2018)

"The Rise of Meritocracy and the Inheritance of Advantage" by Comerford, Rodriguez Mora, and Watts (Vienna Macro Cafe, 2016)

"Explaining Cross-Cohort Differences in Life-Cycle Earnings", by Kong, Ravikumar, and Vandenbroucke (Vienna Macro Cafe, 2015)

“The Agricultural Productivity Gap in Developing Countries” by Gollin, Lagakos, and Waugh (AEA, 2013)

“Human Capital Portfolios” by Silos and Smith (CMSG, 2012)

“Equilibrium Effects of Education Policies: A Quantitative Evaluation” by Gallipoli, Meghir, and Violante (CIREQ, 2011)

Other Professional Activities

Program Committee, SED, 2012–2015

Co-organizer, Young Scholars Conference on Growth and Development at ASU, 2016

Co-organizer, Conference on Public Policy from School to Retirement at ASU, 2013

Co-organizer, Quantitative Macroeconomics Conference at ASU, 2012

Co-organizer, ASU Macroeconomics Reunion Conference, 2012

Co-organizer, Conference on Human Capital at ASU, 2011