Throughout the 70s I worked as a solo, comedy juggler, clown, court jester, etc - as well as working in some fringe theatre groups.  I was involved with the early juggling scene, teaching, promoting 'new circus', and so on.

Some of my students set up their own circus some 35 years ago.  This is NoFit State Circus's silver UFO tent. I ran away with them in the early 90s, when they toured with a smaller, two-pole, blue tent.   

They are still going.  They now tour internationally, as well as continuing with training, outreach work, etc.  Check out their website for more details.

Back in 2015,  I built an online archive of the whole history of their circus so far, although the site appears to have aged badly (som broken links, etc).  Still some interesting material there.  (Oct 2023)    NoFit State Circus Archive