Cookies available for shipping


Flakey, buttery phyllo layers, walnuts & cinnamon, drizzled with a lemon-honey syrup. Enjoy at room temperature or refrigerate up to one week to insure freshness.

Raspberry Meringues (gluten-free)

Melt in your mouth, tender sweet, a bit of tang and bits of chocolate complementing the raspberry.

Pecan Meringues (gluten-free)

Pecans in a lightly brown, tender meringue.


Rich chocolate ganache covered with hand dipped dark chocolate. Up to three varieties will be included.

Almond Flower cookies

Finely ground almonds are substituted for half of the flour. The flowers are cut, baked, and dusted with powdered sugar after baking.

Jam filled Almond Flowers

Our almond flowers as a sandwich cookie with pretty jam peeking through the center of the flower.

Oma’s Kipferl Cookie

A buttery pastry from the, not too sweet, with fillings of Walnut, Rosehip Jam, or Poppyseed. Baked and drizzled with a light powder sugar glazed.


An amazing Eastern European cookie--a simple sugar cookie shell, shaped as a peach, and filled with a sweetened walnut, cocoa, butter, paste with an almond and rum flavor. Twist it apart to share where everyone gets a piece of the pit!

Oatmeal Almond (gluten-free)

A crunchy, nutty drop cookie made with gluten-free oatmeal and slivered almonds—no wheat flour allowed!


Crisp, lightly sweet, biscotti softens as you dunk in your coffee or latte. We feature delicious variations.

Tea Cakes

Really a cookie not a cake, a powdered sugar, butter, and pecan treat--lightly sweet and perfect for tea.

A BIG Special Cookie

This is the perfect cookie for dieters who want to say they ate ONLY ONE cookie! Toad House bakes a different big cookie each week. You may wish to request a specific one for your package and we will do our best to fill your request.

Peanut Butter
Chocolate Chunk
Marry Me Cookie

Raisin Oatmeal
Chocolate Chip
Molasses Cookie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Surprise

You think it’s just a chocolate cookie? Take a bite—Surprise!