Episode 6

In Episode 6 with Scott the Teacher and Matthew the Tech Coach we interview CUE Chief Learning Officer and Co-Author of EduProtocols Book - Jon Corippo! We also have our first listener giveaway sweepstakes!

  • Tech Avenger: Jon Corippo
  • EduProtocols
  • Giveaway tickets to the 2019 Badge Summit
  • Cool Tools and Pro Tips: podcasting in the classroom with Synth

Credits: Small Crowd Applause Sound, Attribution 3.0, Recorded by Yannick Lemieux, No changes made.

Show Note Links

Giveaway: Register on this online form | Rules | 2019 Badge Summit

Random Drawing to 2019 Badge Summit will be on Monday, May 20, 2019 at 5pm PST.

Cool Tools and Pro Tips: GoSynth | Seven ways to use Synth with K12 Students by Brian Lamb

Twitter shoutouts: @jcorippo | @mhebern | @eduprotocols

Websites: EduProtocols

Books: John Taylor Gatto Weapons of Mass Instruction and Dumbing Us Down