Episode 20

In Episode 20, we talk with Catlin Tucker the best selling author of several Blending Learning books, Google Certified Innovator, International Trainer and Keynote Speaker, Teacher of the Year in 2010 in Sonoma County, and is completing her Ph.D.

You can follow Catlin Tucker at @Catlin_Tucker, and check out her website www.catlintucker.com

In this episode, Catlin shares with us:

* Working towards her Ph.D.

* Writing her new book, Balance with Blended Learning

* Upcoming Conferences including Fall CUE, TCA in February, and this November in Cape Town South Africa for the Associaton of International Schools in Africa Conference

* Student Agency

* Choice Boards

* Grading with Rubrics and Students as Active Partners in their Learning

* Check for Understanding

* Balanced Lesson Design

* Limitless Possibilities

* Resilience

* Favorite Lessons

* Top Tech Tools including Google G-Suite, Schoology, Padlet, Mentimeter

Catlin Tucker books include:

* NEW Pre-Order: Balance with Blended Learning (coming soon in Jan/Feb 2020)

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