In partnership with the TN Coalition for health science and biostem education

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We had a great TNABT Virtual Fall Professional Development Meeting!

Thank you to everyone that attended our virtual meeting! We had a great meeting learning about Menti, miniPCR BioBits and at home options, and CollegeBoard's new AP Daily videos. Stay tuned for information on upcoming events!

Mission Statement

The Tennessee Association of Biology Teachers was formed on November 4, 2016, to support the professional development of

biology teachers in Tennessee.

The purposes of TNABT are exclusively educational, scientific, literary, charitable, and no other, and in furtherance of only these

purposes the particular business and objectives of TNABT shall be at the state, regional, and local levels:

  • To encourage scientific thinking and the utilization of the methods of science through the teaching of biology

  • To encourage, support, and stimulate activities that will keep teachers current in the knowledge of biological sciences

  • To establish a community for developing and sharing ideas to enhance teaching

  • To provide a professional voice regarding issues that affect biological education

  • To make available information concerning the selection, organization, and the presentation of resources

  • To promote connections of biology to other educational and life experiences