front-end developer

Front-end Developer

Full-time Role in NYC at a New Nonprofit Media Startup

We are a new nonprofit journalism startup seeking to explore how technology moves through the world, with a particular focus on the impact of tech outside the Western bubble. Through compelling storytelling and innovative user design, our digital publication will focus on the space where tech, culture, and human experience collide. To build out our vision, we are seeking a curious and talented front-end developer.

As a front-end engineer, you will have the opportunity to work on the earliest iteration of our digital presence, from newsletters and editorial interfaces to the website and off-platform avenues that will reach our readers around the world.

We’re building a rich journalism experience online, with a strong foundation based on exceptional performance, elevating functionality over form, and accessibility for a diverse global audience. You will help elevate our storytelling through creative uses of code on both a site and story basis. As we grow, there will be an opportunity to grow with us and shape products within our core journalism offerings and beyond.

This role is based in New York.


In this role you will:

  • Help create an immersive reading experience and build our interactive media presence/products across a variety of platforms
  • Ensure high quality code implementation and brand consistency
  • Build high quality mockups and prototypes
  • Provide guidance on solutions, code, and development
  • Join a dynamic and collaborative team that spans engineering, design, and product
  • Work at the earliest stages of a mission-driven journalism initiative
  • Collaborate with editorial and advocate for the reader


To succeed you will have:

  • A passion for modern front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JS, APIs) but not jQuery
  • Practical experience in WordPress; templating, custom fields, and plugin development
  • Strong understanding of newsletter development and its inherent challenges
  • A high proficiency in plain JavaScript but familiar with common frameworks
  • Experience with web page performance, accessibility, and responsive user experiences
  • An enthusiasm on subjects that might include typography, lazy-loading, privacy, caching, to obscure CSS selectors
  • An appreciation of the balance between strong convictions and pragmatic engineering
  • Background in versioning tools such as git and deployment methods
  • Excellent communication, documentation, and commenting skills
  • Curiosity about international affairs and/or the use of technology abroad a plus
  • A strong work ethic, comfort with and an ability to be effective in fast-changing startup conditions, a motivated self-starter

Not sure you have the exact experience or background? You should apply if working in web development and journalism appeals to you. We value technical aptitude, design sensibility, and multiple points of view, and especially encourage members of underrepresented communities to apply.

To apply you can:

Read over the description one more time and ask if this is a role and organization that appeals to you and your career path, and then by email provide:

  1. Your name and the text "Front-end Developer" as the Subject
  2. A few lines of an informal introduction (so not a cover letter)
  3. Send it to Michael Donohoe (

If you have concerns that your resume may not adequately reflect your experience and background, or there is additional context that can't be captured in a resume format; we welcome longer explanations in the email.