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The complete solution to all your PCB needs.

Stackup design is one of the basic ways to create a clean signal & power board. Using all available materials with fine tuning for impedance & loss.
Signal integrity test & design, bringing your board to peek performance , controlling the board emission , signals according to specifications.
Power integrity ensures best performance of the supply system in any speed or power consumption of the board. minimum voltage or current drop.
Heat dissipation on the board in the outer or inner layers can prevent failure & increase performance.
The ever-increasing performance& speeds of technologies requires using a powerful design tools and analysis methods. To achieve targets of performance and costs, the designers must use more accurate modeling techniques hand in hand with powerful Simulation tools facing the challenges and the interactions of the packages & the PCB boards. Combining advanced EMC, PI & SI analysis tools in the beginning stages of the design and the layout process guaranties optimal Performance & Time to Market. Tmi with an extensive experience in Signal & Power Integrity, will Guide you to achieve Excellency in both performance & costs of your products. We preform all signal quality tests like :
          1. Pre and Post Route Simulations ( All types of DDR performance check ).
          2. Placement analysis for high frequency structures.
          3. Calculating Board resonance frequency.
          4. Power Integrity ( Voltage drop , current carrying capacity, Via AC & DC Characteristics).
          5. Optimizing DECAP's for better price & performance.
          6. Cross-talk and Timing Analysis ( On isolated transmission lines or full board ).
          7. Frequency & Time Domain Modeling Up to more than 10 GHz .
          8. Termination Analysis.
          9. Via Modeling for different board structures & routing types.
          10. Temperature analysis in different environments.