Narrative is important to us at TITAN Contractors, and as the squadron has grown, so has the world-building behind the TCON corporation. In order to give players an immersive experience for those looking for it, the world-building behind TITAN is supported by several divisions - all of which enable players to affect the story and get involved.

Every division has a unique style and all serve different purposes, while remaining lore friendly to the wider Elite universe. Commanders can get involved with these divisions based off their favourite activity, and influence the story by assisting them with missions, story decisions or cryptography puzzles.

We also offer personalized ID cards on our Discord for Commanders who want a more immersive touch to their gameplay.

Go ahead, and Meet Our Divisions which afford us this additional narrative depth.


SPECIALITIES: Intelligence Analysis, Cryptography, Exploration, Strategy

Lead by CMDR Elliot Goddard, Mantis is responsible for the daily reinforcement of squadron decisions. An upgraded, military-grade sensor suite aboard the Solaris flagship allows Mantis, even with their small team, to connect to galactic networks and provide almost real-time updates as required. These updates are used to further decisions made in the squadron, backing them with concrete evidence.

Mantis is also heavily specialised towards cryptography, which is often used to decode logs or intelligence packages. Their enthusiasm towards science and data also makes them suitable as an exploration division, often grateful to receive any cartographic data from exploring Commanders.

Lastly, Mantis has several military tacticians apart of their team. These tacticians are responsible for strategizing in combat situations, where squadron assets must be deployed sparingly when situations come down to nothing more than conflict.


SPECIALITIES: Ground Operations, Space Combat, Special Operations, AX Defence

Centurion SF is a highly trained mercenary force, comprised of professional soldiers armed with the latest military hardware. Lead by JSOC Benjamin Griffin and CDL Kyle Lucas, they are the military backbone of TITAN Contractors - essentially the squadron's own private army, comprised of around six hundred active, armed personnel. However, not all of them are equipped as frontline soldiers.

Centurion has many specialist roles, from combat technicians and medics to infiltrators and combat pilots. The diversity in roles allows Centurion to tackle many different tasks, most not even combat-related. CSF is often deployed around the squadron as a security asset, supplementing existing security teams onboard our squadron carriers. Thanks to the extensive training, most CSF soldiers can be compared to the average special forces operative - highly trained, well-armed and motivated.

Being the largest division in TITAN yet, Centurion is comprised of multiple sub-divisions. Below are the four primary subdivisions, with their approximate armed personnel numbers.

CSF Cobra (850~) are a frontline combat unit, and make up the majority of Centurion forces and TITAN's private army.

Operating under this subdivision's banner, four taskforces exist within CSF Cobra - and now serve as permanent elements within it.

///// TASKFORCES \\\\\

TF Talon (300~) are an elite combat taskforce. Many of its members contain the best soldiers CSF has to offer, alongside better military hardware and resources. A large majority of their members have extensive, professional ex-military or security service backgrounds. Still operating under CSF Cobra, TF Talon is used for precision strike ops or in situations where a bit more muscle is required. Led by Captain Jay Griffith.

TF Archangel (200~) are an operations and recon taskforce - similar to TF Talon at a first glance. Internally, however, Archangel support CSF's command infrastructure, and are largely responsible for performing military reconnaissance and the handling of special operations. Led by Captain Sarah Ronin.

TF Scorpion (200~) is largely a mixture between the CSF Pioneers and CSF Eclipse. Considered a tactical support taskforce, the majority of Scorpion's active personnel are combat engineers and other specialised units, with the remainder being Eclipse pilots. Led by Lieutenant Hunter Girard, Scorpion is usually seen supporting the backend of any operation - mostly logistically.

TF Inferno (150~) is a hybrid taskforce, roughly half the size of any of the others. Inferno fills niche gaps in CSF's operations - like anti-xeno ops, CSAR, and escort operations. This makes Inferno the 'odd-ball taskforce', specialising in many different fields - which requires extreme discipline and intense training among its personnel. Led by Lieutenant Laura Sharpe.

Originally, these taskforces were created to be specifically deployed to other squadron carriers for providing protection, during several vicious attacks against the squadron in October. These taskforces were decommissioned on the 1st of November 3307 after fulfilling their duties, but were slowly reinstated again as permanent elements within CSF by the 24th of November 3307, as the division increased its resources and manpower.


CSF Pioneers (250~) are a tactical engineering and exploration division. Responsible for surveying sites or repairing assets, the Pioneers are a jack-of-all trades, comprised primarily of specialists and technicians. Due to their size, they are essentially a sub-subdivision of CSF Cobra, with most of their personnel actively serving in TF Scorpion.

CSF Eclipse TF (200~) are a special operations flight group. Their fleet are comprised of small combat vessels as well as dropships. Often seen reinforcing the backbone of any planetary operation, Eclipse is responsible for space security and ground deployments. While a small amount of personnel are assigned to Eclipse operations, their skill and firepower cannot be understated.

CSF Sentinel (200~) is a hyper-specialized subdivision of Centurion, with a large focus on anti-xeno activities. While comparatively smaller than other divisions, Sentinel is well-trained, and represents the militaristic sides of all TITAN divisions. Sentinel also liaises closely with the Peacekeepers, bolstering their strength as a type of 'military police' unit. Similar to Eclipse, their small size means they rely on strategy and skill rather than sheer firepower to overwhelm an enemy.


SPECIALITIES: Search & Rescue, Humanitarian Aid, Support

Stylised as BLUSTAR Operations, this division is primarily an aid organisation. Blue Star acts as the medical backbone of TITAN Contractors. Borrowing several ships from CSF Eclipse, they provide rescue aid to stranded Commanders, damaged star-ports, and so forth.

Ironically, despite BLUSTAR being focused on humanitarian aid, a small group within the agency is combat-outfitted. While most personnel are unarmed in accordance with their humanitarian nature, several combat-trained personnel and even occasionally CSF soldiers are used to protect BLUSTAR's interests.

Aboard the Solaris, BLUSTAR Operations operates multiple medical wings, with a variety of high-tech equipment and medical facilities that put BLUSTAR on the cutting edge of their field. This makes TITAN fairly self-sufficient, able to treat injuries and maintain the health of the crew even in desperate, overwhelming times.

Sometimes, though quite rarely, BLUSTAR-aligned Commanders utilise repair limpets and special engineered weaponry to recharge allied shields using concordant laser sequencing, allowing them to provide support in high-intensity, drawn-out combat environments.


SPECIALITIES: Cargo Logistics, Passenger Transport, Bulk Hauling

Focused on trading, PANDORA Logistics forms the logistical supply structure of TITAN Contractors. This division is solely responsible for the large-scale hauling of goods and handling of logistics, which is often required for carrier refuelling or bulk hauling.

Not only do PANDORA handle more passive logistics, but they are also responsible for part of CSF's logistics network. The movement of military munitions and equipment is commonly handled by PANDORA operators, and as a result their vessels or operations are safeguarded by large groups of CSF personnel, more than what is offered to BLUSTAR Operations.

While PANDORA is more of a 'background division', they are easily critical to squadron function, ensuring all the divisions are adequately supplied to deal with their tasks at hand.

PANDORA also offers a free Commander transportation service provided by other licensed Commanders, short or long range, and as such a wide fleet of numerous ships are used to ferry around Commanders around the galaxy if they lack a ship.


SPECIALITIES: Independent Squadron Security

The Solaris Peacekeepers are an independent security and law agency created by TITAN Contractors. Forming the more elite side of Solaris security, the Peacekeepers, while not really a division, form a good portion of the Solaris Security branch, and are led by Chief Peacekeeper Jaiden Stafford alongside other Peacekeeper officers. Other than maintaining the TCS Charter - a document that governs squadron law - the Peacekeepers also serve as private investigators for TITAN, and have been pivotal in liaising with galactic police agencies, like Interpol, to solve criminal issues within the squadron.

The Peacekeepers are distinguished from the other divisions by two important things; one being that Commanders are generally not allowed to liaise or associate with the Peacekeepers, and that, despite operating out of the Solaris and being funded by TITAN Contractors, the Peacekeepers are considered a completely separate organisation. The latter is important, as the Peacekeepers utilise this flexibility to enforce squadron law. Their independent nature allows them to essentially prosecute anyone within the squadron - ensuring that none are exempt from the law. Likewise, the Peacekeepers are held, for the most part, responsible for their actions separate to TITAN.

Despite this 'disassociation', the Peacekeepers are still permitted to use squadron assets and request assistance from certain divisions.