BU247 Managerial Accounting (Fall 2020 Remote learning)
Rating 6.3/7

Student Comments:

  • Tisha King is a fantastic professor. She displays an interest in, and concern for, our learning. Furthermore, it is clear to me that she is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that her students succeed. When myself and another student expressed a concern with Tisha, which was that the break out room Zoom chats were actually impeding our learning and wasting lecture time, Tisha found creative and different ways to engage the class without break out rooms. In lectures, Tisha always reminded us of upcoming deadlines. When I failed a quiz, Tisha actually sent me an encouraging email with avenues that I could turn to for extra support in grasping course material!

  • What is most striking about Tisha is just how far she is willing to go to foster student success. On our first lecture, I found it helpful that Tisha took the time to walk us through various zoom features. Since she is unable to provide in-person handouts or work through questions with us in an in-person setting, Tisha has diligently created excel spreadsheets for complex multi-step questions; the cells of these spreadsheets contain formulas that help me to understand how to calculate what I need to do. When Tisha didn't have time to explain a complex question during scheduled lecture hours, she actually posted a video on her own time to give clear explanations on each step. The Friday before my midterm, I was having trouble with some complex questions so I sent Tisha a request for a meeting; to my surprise, she actually made time for a meeting! I wouldn't have obtained an A- on my midterm without the meeting occurring.

  • Thank you for your unfailing positivity and enthusiasm during class, really made it fun.