Welcome to SACC

Summer is Almost HERE! SACC is ALWAYS committed to providing the very best child care in a Safe and Positive environment for your children. Fun, creative, engaging opportunities await your child everyday at SACC. This summer, SACC registration will be a little different. SACC students for the 22-23 school year may register for the summer on May 3-5, 2023 from 4-6pm daily at your existing sites. Please see your site directors for details. New SACC Student Registration dates and locations are listed below.

The enrollment for each SACC site will be based on the State of Tennessee mandated guidelines of the 1:10 adult-child ratio. Staffing is a priority. Enrollment may be limited at this time due to staffing shortages.

Summer Registration is Almost Here!!

2023 Summer Registration Packets are now available!

New Student Summer Registration 

locations and dates are:

Monday, May 8- DES SACC (4pm-6pm)

Tuesday, May 9- MES SACC (4pm-6pm)

Wednesday, May 10- ATES SACC (4pm-6pm)

Thursday, May 11- AES SACC (4pm-6pm)

Friday, May 12- BES SACC (4pm-6pm)

Monday, May 15- Make-Up Registration Day @ BES SACC (4pm-6pm)

CES SACC (Previous or New) students may register at Austin Peay SACC or Brighton SACC.

On the day of registration, we will only accept Registration Packets for the Individual SACC Site of the day! CES Students will be the only exception!

Registration Packets must be received by the Coordinator, and a Parent or Guardian must be present.

Registration fees must be paid the day of Registration!

No Exceptions!