February 9, 2021

9:00am to 6:30pm ET

Education with AI

at the 35th AAAI Conference
Artificial Intelligence (2021)

Thank you for attending the AAAI-2021 Workshop on AI Education!

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Special Congratulations to Kaggle AIEd Challenge 2020 Winners!

A One-Day Workshop on the Future of AI Education

COVID-19 has brought upon us the inevitable transformation towards virtual education. The ensuing need for scalable, personalized learning systems has led to an unprecedented demand for understanding large-scale educational data. In this workshop, we invited AIEd enthusiasts from all around the world through three different channels. First, we called for papers related to important AIEd topics that can help us imagine what new education will look like. Second, we proposed various AIEd shared tasks using the largest public education dataset, EdNet, which contains 123M interactions from 1M+ students. Finally, we hosted a global challenge on Kaggle for a fair comparison of state-of-the-art Knowledge Tracing models and invited technical reports from winning teams. Through these initiatives, we aim to provide a common ground for researchers to share their cutting-edge insights on AIEd and encourage the development of practical and large-scale AIEd methods of lasting impact.

Call for Papers

EdNet Shared Task

Kaggle Global AIEd Challenge

Important Dates

  • November 23, 2020: Workshop paper submission due

  • December 18, 2020: Workshop paper notifications

  • January 7, 2021: End of Kaggle AIEd Challenge 2020

  • January 15, 2021: Camera-ready deadline for papers

  • February 2, 2021: AAAI-2021 Conference begins

  • February 9, 2021: TIPCE Workshop date

Accepted Papers

Best Papers (2 papers)

Paper 2: "Targeted Feedback Generation for Constructed Response Questions"
(Jinjin Zhao, Kim Larson, Weijie Xu, Neelesh Gattani and Candace Thille)

EdNet Shared Task Papers (7 papers)

Paper 1: "Modeling the EdNet Dataset with Logistics Regression"
(Philip I. Pavlik Jr. and Luke Eglington)

Paper 2: "Do We Need to Go Deep? Knowledge Tracing with Big Data"
(Varun Mandalapu, Jiaqi Gong and Lujie Chen)

Paper 3: "Interpreting Deep Knowledge Tracing Model on EdNet Dataset"
(Deliang Wang, Yu Lu, Qinggang Meng and Penghe Chen)

Paper 6: An Empirical Comparison of Deep Learning Models for Knowledge Tracing on Large-Scale Dataset
(Shalini Pandey, George Karypis, Jaideep Srivastava)

Paper 7: Evaluating DAS3H on the EdNet Dataset
(Benoit Choffin, Fabrice Popineau, Yolaine Bourda, Jill-Jenn Vie)

Poster Presentation (6 papers)

Paper 1: "AGenT Zero: Zero-shot Automatic Multiple-Choice Question Generation for Skill Assessments"
(Eric Li, Jingyi Su, Hao Sheng and Lawrence Wai)
Links: [PDF] [Video]

Paper 2: "Predicting Students' Learning Outcomes Using Fair AI in Online Math Learning"
(Chenglu Li, Wanli Xing and Walter Leite)
Links: [PDF] [Poster] [Video]

Paper 3: "Wikiflash: Generating Flashcards from Wikipedia Articles"
(Yuang Cheng, Yue Ding, Damian Pascual, Oliver Richter, Martin Volk and Roger Wattenhofer)
Links: [PDF] [Poster] [Video]

Paper 4: "Attention Based Video Summaries of Live Online Zoom Classes"
(Hyowon Lee, Mingming Liu, Hamza Riaz, Navaneethan Rajasekaren, Michael Scriney and Alan Smeaton)
Links: [PDF] [Poster] [Video]

Paper 5: "Explainable Student Performance Prediction with Personalized Attention for Explaining Why a Student Fails"
(Kun Niu, Xipeng Cao and Yicong Yu)
Links: [PDF] [Poster]

Paper 6: "Exploring Common and Individual Characteristics of Students via Matrix Recovering"
(Zhen Wang, Ben Teng, Yun Zhou, Hanshuang Tong and Guangtong Liu)
Links: [PDF] [Poster] [Video]

1st Place: [Paper Link] KEETAR (South Korea, Solo)

2nd Place: [Paper Link] MAMAS (Japan, Solo)

3rd Place: [Paper Link] NOISY STUDENTS - JAVIER MARTIN + ANDRES TORRUBIA (Spain, 2-Person Team)

4th Place: [Paper Link] EMMY (France, Solo)

5th Place: [Paper Link] GFHS + GCY95GCY + MERCURIALZHANG + YANG (China, 4-Person Team)

Full Workshop Program

Download the Workshop Program here!

All times shown are in US Eastern Time Zone (ET).
Schedule is subject to change.

Due to COVID-19, this workshop will take place virtually on Zoom.

1. Future of AI in Education

• 09:00AM Welcome remarks and Workshop Overview by Co-Chair Neil Heffernan (Worcester Polytechnic Institute)
• 09:10AM Talk by YJ Jang (Riiid, main workshop sponsor) on "Turning disruption to opportunity - Transforming education through the pandemic"
• 09:20AM Talk by Thomas Frey (DaVinci Institute) on "Why do I think the biggest internet company 10 years from now will be an education company?"
• 09:35AM Talk by Elizabeth Bailey Kozleski (Stanford Graduate School of Education) on "Reimagining Learning: how Learning Engineering will change education training and practice to improve learning and close gaps in equity and achievement?"
• 09:50AM Talk by Martha Kanter (College Promise and former U.S. Undersecretary of Education for the Obama Administration) on "The need to focus innovation on the students most in need of support, and the schools and campuses that educate the largest numbers of underserved students"
• 10:00AM Panel discussion on "Reflections and Responses from the Field: Getting AI Closer to the Learning Moment"
• Moderator: Michelle Barrett (Edmentum)
• Panelists: John Whitmer (Federation of American Scientists), Cassandra Herring (Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity), Nancy Lewin (ACT Center for Equity in Learning)

2. AIEd Research Presentation

• 10:30AM Invited Paper Presentations (2 papers to be presented)
• Paper 1: "FitVid: Towards Development of Responsive and Fluid Video Content Adaptation" (Jeongyeon Kim and Juho Kim)
• Paper 2: "Targeted Feedback Generation for Constructed Response Questions" (Jinjin Zhao, Kim Larson, Weijie Xu, Neelesh Gattani and Candace Thille)
• 11:30AM Poster Session: 6 papers to be presented (link to papers)
• 1:00PM Algorithm Generalizability and EdNet Shared Task Presentations: 7 papers to be presented (link to papers)

3. Kaggle AIEd Challenge 2020 Winner Presentations

• 3:00PM Session Opening Remarks by Jim Larimore (Riiid Labs)
• 3:10PM Introduction of AIEd Challenge 2020 Winners by Yohan Lee (Riiid Labs)
• 3:15PM Presentation by Top 5 Winning Teams of AIEd Challenge 2020

4. Importance of Data in AI Education

• 3:50PM Talk by Juneyoung (Jason) Park (Riiid AI Research) on "Current state of data in education and call for collaborative efforts to build diverse Ed-data ecosystem"
• 4:00PM Panel discussion on "Funder Perspectives on AI in Education"
• Moderator: Neil Heffernan (Co-Chair, WPI)
• Panelists: Kumar Garg (Schmidt Futures Foundation), Mark Schneider (Institute for Education Sciences, US Dept of Education), Amy Baylor (National Science Foundation), Bryan Richardson (Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
• 4:45PM Panel discussion on "Using Data to Advance Human Learning"
• Moderator: Dale Allen (DXTera Institute)
• Panelists: Christopher Brooks (University of Michigan), Ben Motz (Indiana University Bloomington)

5. Human-Centered AI in Education

• 5:30PM Talk by Tess Gilman Posner (AI4ALL) on "The Importance of Diversity in the AI Field"
• 5:35PM Panel discussion on "Getting & Keeping Our Intentions Straight: Ethics and Bias in Education"
• Moderator: Ajoy Vase (Formerly Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative)
• Panelists: Adam Kalai (Microsoft Research), Cassandra Herring (Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity)
• 6:15PM Talk by Co-Chair Paul Kim (Stanford GSE) on “Shaping AIEd for Learners - Survey about the current state of AI in Education"
• 6:25PM Closing remarks by Co-Chairs Neil Heffernan & Paul Kim

Invited Speakers

  • Thomas Frey, DaVinci Institute

  • Elizabeth Bailey Kozleski, Stanford Graduate School of Education

  • Martha Kanter, CEO of College Promise and former U.S. Under Secretary of Education for the Obama Administration

  • Michelle Barrett, VP for Research and Learning Engineering, Edmentum

  • John Whitmer, Senior Fellow, Federation of American Scientists

  • Cassandra Herring, President & CEO, Branch Alliance for Educator Diversity

  • Nancy Lewin, Senior Director, ACT Center for Equity in Learning, former Executive Director, Association for Latino Administrators and Superintendents

  • Jim Larimore, Chief Officer for Equity in Learning, Riiid Labs

  • Kumar Garg, Schmidt Futures Foundation

  • Mark Schneider, Director, Institute for Education Sciences, US Dept of Education

  • Amy Baylor, Program Director, National Science Foundation

  • Christopher Brooks, School of Information, University of Michigan

  • Ben Motz, Dept of Psychological & Brain Sciences, Indiana University Bloomington

  • Dale Allen, President and Co-Founder, DXtera Institute

  • Adam Kalai, Senior Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

  • Ajoy Vase, Consultant & Former Senior Program Manager, CZI

  • Tess Gilman Posner, CEO of AI4ALL

Workshop Co-Chairs

Paul Kim (Education Co-Chair)

Chief Technology Officer and Associate Dean,
Stanford Graduate School of Education

Neil Heffernan (AIEd Co-Chair)

William Smith Dean's Professor,
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Workshop Sponsors

Main Sponsor: Riiid Labs, Leading Global AIEd Initiatives

We hope to see you at AAAI 2021!