Tiny Tales from the Ramayana

This is an OER textbook for students in MLLL-4993 Indian Epics at the University of Oklahoma. I hope it can be useful to others. The Ramayana is retold here in a series of two hundred episodes, with each episode being just 100 words in length. For additional book formats (PDF, epub, mobi, text, plus Amazon paperback and Kindle), see Ramayana.LauraGibbs.net.

Part A: 1-50. The birth of Ravana followed by Ravana's crimes, and then the birth of Rama and Rama's marriage to Sita.

Part B: 51-100. Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana go into exile and face terrible dangers during their years in the forest.

Part C: 101-150. Rama allies himself with Sugriva, king of the monkeys, and Hanuman becomes his loyal follower.

Part D: 151-200. Rama goes to war with Ravana, and then returns to Ayodhya with Sita, ending 14 years of exile.

I have not added notes yet to the story pages, but I will do that in time for Spring 2021 semester, which starts January 25.

The audiobook below was produced at a different stage in the editing process, as was the text on this webpage, so you will find minor changes (copyediting, proofreading) compared to the final version of the book at Ramayana.LauraGibbs.net.

The 200 stories are divided up into 4 parts here, with 5 pages in each part, 10 stories per page.

Part A: 1-10 ~ 11-20 ~ 21-30 ~ 31-40 ~ 41-50

Part B: 51-60 ~ 61-70 ~ 71-80 ~ 81-90 ~ 91-100

Part C: 101-110 ~ 111-120 ~ 121-130 ~ 131-140 ~ 141-150

Part D: 151-160 ~ 161-170 ~ 171-180 ~ 181-190 ~ 191-200