What is TinyTask ?

TinyTask is a utility software created by Vista Software. It's incredibly helpful, and what's better is that it's completely free! It allows users quick and easy access to automating playback and recording. Whether you're wanting to prank a friend or create an .exe, TinyTask is a great choice. This isn't about audio, though. So what is it, then? It's a mouse and keyboard macro recorder. This means that everything you type and all you do with your mouse while the program is active can be replayed. This can be done as many times as you'd like. You can even make them into .exe files!

However, it should be noted that with some mouses, the mouse wheel movements may not be recorded. Given that you can do just about anything with point and click as you can with the wheel, I didn't find this to be a huge impediment. It's a great program that can be used with Windows operating systems Windows XP and beyond. It comes in a variety of languages and was last updated in 2011. Since then, it has had over 200,000 downloads and 251 downloads in the last week alone!

Something that's really great about TinyTask is that it lives up to its name – it's tiny. It doesn't take up a ton of space, and it doesn't take up a lot of background resources. It does a comparable job to other utility programs, with the benefit of being smaller than a lot of them. Though very popular in the US, it's also seen its fair share of use in Sweden and Turkey. Totally worth checking out for yourself!

There are two ways to work with this program. Either click on the record button on the TinyTask window or use the Ctrl-Shift-Alt-R shortcut to record. The software records what you do on the PC.

This application will record any mouse movements, keyboard taps, and mouse clicks. Then, any time you want to repeat the action, you can click once to repeat the command. The software repeats whatever you have programmed it to do.

You can playback the recording at any time. Play it back once or multiple times. Recordings get saved in a small compressed file, taking up minimal space on your PC.

One important point to keep in mind when using this software, is that you need to remember the position of each window.

Experiment with this simple on-the-go software. Automate processes to save time and the general hassle of having to repeat the same commands. Even though this program is extraordinarily lightweight, it’s still very efficient. Keep in mind, though, that the community behind this program is very limited. A small community, in this case, means that any bugs you encounter most likely will stay in the long run.

Features of TinyTask

TinyTask is a minimalist and tiny (35 KB) keyboard macro recording and playback tool. It’s used to automatically control the mouse and keyboard actions, so as to complete repeated computer operations. Anything you do with the mouse or type on the keyboard while the program is running can be replayed as many times as you choose. It not only records and saves macros but also compiles them, turning your recorded macros into executable programs.

There's no installer, help file, or anything unnecessary; just a tiny EXE program, which doesn't touch your registry or change your system folders.


  • SUPER small

  • Easy to use

  • Very effective


  • Slightly outdated

  • Not as flashy as others

  • Newer versions can be finicky

TinyTask Changelogs

  1. Fixed bug with Play Speed not being correctly saved or compiled (thanks YS for report)

  2. Fixed issue with Fast playbacks (100x) not properly terminating on short recordings

  3. Added File Association option with TinyTaskSetup.exe

  4. TinyTaskSetup > "Add File Assocation" > double-click .rec file ==> plays recording & ends

TinyTask Portable

Download tinytask portable version, You will able to directly use the tool without installing on your PC + You can also carry it on flash drive!

TinyTask Alternatives

Below are the Alternatives of TinyTask:

  • AutoHotkey

  • Sikuli

  • AutoIt

  • Pulover’s Macro Creator

  • Repeat

  • FastKeys

  • Actiona

  • Clavier+

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