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June 24, 2022

“Let the baby cry,…”

In memory of a good and faithful servant.

In the summer of 1989, I participated in a pro-life form of civil disobedience. It was an event called operation rescue. this was a nationwide movement, but the event I took part in, occurred in Seattle. It involved a sit-in at a local abortion clinic. We peacefully blocked the entrance to the clinic, which made a public statement against abortion. It also allowed the time for trained counselors to counsel women who were seeking abortions, in hopes of saving some babies. We saved at least one baby that day, that we know of.

It also involved the reality of jail time for those taking part as protestors. The protestors, myself included, were taken into custody and placed in a Seattle jail for the evening. It was a sobering experience. The following morning we were moved to the County Courthouse for a hearing. While we waited together in a cell, I had the privilege to talk to a fellow prisoner who was a Catholic priest. He was older and wiser than most of us, and had dedicated himself to saving the unborn. He explained to us what was about to happen. The Judge would be asking for our addresses so the officials could identify what state we were from; then they would probably let us go. He encouraged us to do what we felt we should do. Assuring us that if we had responsibilities we needed to take care of, we should do that and not feel obligated to remain in jail.

Eventually, they led us into the courthouse for the hearing. One after another, we stood before the Judge and gave her our addresses. Then the priest was called to give his address. The atmosphere changed, and the courtroom fell profoundly silent. The Judge asked him to stand and provide his address. He stood and answered, “I do not have an address. The Judge then asked where he lived. He answered, “I do not have a home; I am a missionary to the unborn.” Just as he said this, a baby in the courtroom started crying, and the mother tried to quiet the baby. Then the priest raised his hand, looked in the direction of the mom and baby, and said, “Let the baby cry; that is why we are here.” It was the single most profound public moment I have ever experienced. The Judge deeply moved, rose in tears, called for a recess, and excused herself briefly from the courtroom. She was not the only person crying.

It has been 30-plus years since this experience, but to this day, this humble priest, whose name I ironically no longer remember, is the most spiritual man I have ever met. When the news broke today that the Supreme Court had overturned Roe v. Wade, I immediately thought back to this holy man who had dedicated his life to allow the babies to cry. If he is still alive, he is rejoicing now, and I with him. If not, he is seated very close to his savior, and they are rejoicing together.

Eventually, all who gave their addresses were released, myself included; and the priest returned to jail. I was not a Catholic, but I was so impressed by this spiritual man that I spent the rest of the day looking for Rosary Beads. I did it for him. It was the only thing he had asked from anybody. It was an honor.

June 8, 2022

Our Founding Fathers could never have imagined the horror and challenges our nation faces today. They could not have possibly anticipated the exact nature of this evil, but the evil itself would not have surprised them. Although they were unable, in the late 1700’s, to predict the modern threats the nation would face in 2022, they did envision the solution. The Constitution of the United States.

It is the greatest enemy of Globalist Tyranny.

Fight with it and for it.


May 31, 2022

I believe we are seeing important parallels between the fateful years of 1942 and 1943 and the current year in which we are living.

The fateful year between the late Spring of 1942 and the early spring of 1943 proved pivotal in the war against tyranny in the Pacific and in Europe during World War II. I believe that the year starting now in the late Spring of 2022 and culminating in the Spring of 2023 will prove equally pivotal in our current struggle against Globalist Tyranny.

On this date in 1942 the Japanese Empire was defeating America in the Pacific and Hitler controlled Europe from France to the steps of Moscow. It looked bleak for America and the World. Then, on June 4th, 1941, in a few fateful minutes the War in the Pacific took a miraculous turn as American war planes caught the Japanese carriers at their most vulnerable, and attacked. By day’s end, America had sunk four of Japan’s prize carriers and turned away an attack by Japan, at Midway, which Ironically had been designed by Japan to destroy America’s carriers. This ended the Japanese advantage in the Pacific.

Between August 1942 and February 1943, the Soviet Union, at the cost of a million Soviet casualties, defeated the Nazi’s at Stalingrad. This was the first time the Nazi war machine had been defeated in a major battle and it halted Germany’s advance in the East. Stalingrad was the beginning of the end for Hitler.

Ironically, from August of 1942 to February of 1943 America also fought a fateful battle in the Pacific on Guadalcanal. It was a massive land and naval battle costing many lives. But the conflict led ultimately to an American victory that allowed the US to take the offensive in the Pacific, which the Japanese were never able to regain. This was the official turning point in the war with Japan.

By this time in 1943, one fateful year later, both Hitler and Japan were on the defensive and the advantages that had appeared insurmountable only a year earlier, had been turned. Russian sacrifices in the East and American sacrifices in the Pacific, had accomplished the turning. And two of the greatest threats to liberty in the 20th century began their steady collapse into history.

Valor, sacrifice, providence, and unimaginable brutality saved the world from tyranny between 1942 - 1945. But between 1942 and early 43, when all appeared lost, millions of brave Russians and American’s successfully persisted against this tyranny culminating in unlikely providential victories.

We have been engaged in a new World War since an unlikely victory propelled Donald Trump to the Presidency in 2016. This caught globalist forces off guard throwing a wrench in their stealth plans at world domination. Unlike previous wars, aside from the current conflict in Russia, it has been primarily a war of information, economics, ideology, biology, and technology; at least to date. It has enveloped much of the Western World and exposed globalist tyranny everywhere. It took the form of false accusations against Russia and Donald Trump. Accusations designed both to limit Trump’s effectiveness and distract Americans from the real threat in China, who was actually altering elections in other countries. This tyranny has directed the burning of American cities, attempting to create chaos and destroy our history with riots and violence. it has attempted to destroy Western economies with lockdowns, destroy Western liberty and health with a pre packaged virus, and dangerous vaccines, tyrannous mandates, and elections stolen by corruption and deceit.

However, this War has not been as easy to see and understand. It has come with great confusion. Had globalists not been desperate, we would not have seen it coming at all, until it was too late. The casualties have been spread over millions of civilians and the enemies have often been opaque and difficult to see. But deaths from biological warfare, and lockdowns, and mis applied vaccines are no less real than the bodies of thousands of soldiers lying lifeless on beaches of Iwo Jima and in the mangled building of Stalingrad. They are merely clinically anesthetized in hospitals and doctors offices. In addition, the stealth enemies, hidden in corporate boardrooms, in political parties and offices, and medical bureaucracies, and the mainstream media outlets in and out of the the US, are less graphic than the prospect of Nazi Soldiers goose stepping in formation or Japanese zeros dropping bombs on Pearl Harbor, but they are no less grave. However, one enemy shot at you from the outside, the other is tyrannously shooting at us from the inside. The former was brutal to our faces the latter brutally betraying us from behind.

But we are seeing them now. These globalist schemes, even the most brutal, are not getting past us as easily now. More and more of us are waking up. They have been exposed, and like a submarine, they can only succeed when hidden. When they are identified their advantage is nullified and they are put at grave risk.

This November, the battle of the Midterms will turn the tide in this war in America, in the same way that Midway and Guadalcanal turned the tide in the pacific 70 years ago. They will do everything they can to stop and corrupt these elections, by creating more emergencies, chaos, and corruption, but the more difficult they make it, the more they will be exposed.

And Russia will finally expose the corrupt globalist Kabul that is Ukraine, in spite of the enabling forces in the US House and Senate, and the war mongering media. This will lead to a collapse of Globalist tyranny and corruption in the East, and Russia, the target of much of their accusations and finger pointing will be source of their demise. There is a poetic irony to this.

Do not fret, I am hopeful that by this time in 2023, as we saw in the reversal in 1943, the globalist enemies will be in retreat, and the flame of liberty, breathing the oxygen of hope, will be marching forward. The War will not be over by any means, but the tide will have turned, once again by the sacrifices of American Patriots stepping forward to expose and correct the biologic and medical, electoral, media, and corporate corruption in the West, and Russian patriots exposing similar corruption in the East.

May 20, 2022

Response to Ted Cruz's vote to send 40 million dollars to Ukraine

Dear Senator Cruz,

I am responding to your arguments below along with some of your comments in your speech on the Senate Floor.

I am a long-time history teacher. I also possess an MA in history, with an emphasis in modern Eastern European history and American Foreign Policy. I have also been a loyal republican and a student of politics since the Reagan administration.

You were right to point out the mindless and monstrous foreign policy and military failures of Joe Biden. If you can call them failures. I believe they have been intentional. His actions with regard to the Russian pipeline and the fiasco in Afghanistan are unforgivable. His decision to close the Keystone pipeline is equally indefensible. This has been both a foreign and domestic policy disaster.

I would argue that the vote by Senate Republicans to support this Ukraine bill did as much to embolden Biden in his bid to dismantle the United States as you claim the unwillingness to support such a bill would have been to Putin.

I think your arguments against Russian aggression were shallow and naive. Your perpetual use of Cold War terminology causes me to pause. The Cold war has been over since the Reagan administration. Ironically, the West and not the East have continued aggression toward Russia by continually expanding NATO, a Cold War institution, despite Russian complaints about this aggressive incursion on their border.

During this time, we have not seen any efforts by Russia to expand the Warsaw Pact. If Russia were so aggressive, you would think they would have been actively doing this. But no, we have been the aggressors. The Bushs, the Clintons, and Obama have all taken part in irresponsible rhetoric and actions towards Russia, resulting in the expansion of a Cold War institution. How is that not aggressive? Yet Russia has done nothing to retaliate.

Even in the current conflict, Russia has been clear regarding its limited demands and willingness to negotiate peace under certain reasonable conditions. It has been Ukraine and Zelenskyy that have refused to be reasonable and negotiate. We are now rewarding Zelenskyy’s obstinance with 40 billion dollars as we fall perilously closer to a direct war with Russia.

And worse, we are sending this money even though Europe is not only not paying anything themselves; they are continuing to buy Russian oil, with Russian rubles.

Russia is no longer the Soviet Union; they are no longer an atheist country either. This means they are not a Marxist country as Marxism is inherently atheist. They are an Orthodox Christian Country. And whether the West wants to admit this, it is a relevant historical fact, that has played a role in this conflict. Russia is nationalist, not communist. You can't ignore this. They have also been historically wary of pressure by the west on their borders, going back to before the middle ages. It is completely wrong to see this as some kind of Cold War aggression, unless of course you are pointing your finger at the West.

You also correctly cautioned against American pilots fighting directly against Russian pilots and directly shedding Russian blood but then glossed over the implications of American bullets killing Russian soldiers and American missiles sinking Russian ships. How is that different?

You also said nothing about sending arms to Nazis. And yes, actual Nazis are fighting in Ukraine against Russia. I am just not sure why you are against communists from Russia who are not really communists fighting against Nazis in Ukraine who are really Nazis.

Also, where has all the uproar been over killing innocent citizens since 2014 when Ukrainian-speaking Ukrainians were shelling Russian-speaking residents of Donbas. How has this been forgotten?


This is as much a Slavic Civil War as anything, and your analysis of the conflict in purely Cold War terms betrays a 1000 years of Russian history that preceded 1919. Do you realize that Kiev was once the Russian capital? You can't fix a disease by misdiagnosing it, and you can't diagnose it by ignoring three quarters of the facts.

We fought a long bloody war in Vietnam because we incorrectly diagnosed the Soviet Union as the head of a monolithic communist conspiracy against the free world, on the level of Nazis in Europe 3 decades earlier. We believed that not standing our ground in Vietnam would be the same as the the French and British not standing up to Hitler over the remilitarization of the Rhineland, the annexation of Austria, etc. These actions emboldened Hitler, and we rationalized that not drawing a line in the sand in Vietnam would do the same to the Soviets.

However, treating a current conflict strictly against the back ground of the most recent one, is often a mistake. We were wrong. Vietnam was not precisely the same as Austria, and the Soviets were not exactly like Hitler. We failed to see that national interests involved were more important than any Soviet conspiracy. Consequently, we naively took a stand in Vietnam to stop other countries in SE Asia from suffering the same fate as Europe under Hitler. This was a mis-diagnoses that came at a terrible cost of lives and money, on all sides. 59,000 Americans died along with millions of citizens of SE Asia, and billions of dollars were transferred to enrich the same arms makers that have been the beneficiaries the 40 billion dollar Ukraine deal. This is disgusting.

Looking at this conflict in Ukraine from a purely Cold War scenario is as great an error as the failure to diagnose the conflict in Vietnam correctly, but may involve more significant implications. This is an ethnic, nationalist, ideological, and religious civil war, as much as anything and is not a reincarnation of the Cold War. And Putin, regardless of what he is, is not Stalin. We should be forcing Zelenskyy to the peace table, not giving him 40 billion dollars.

You also entirely failed to address the political corruption by Americans in Ukraine, the most prominent culprit being Biden himself. The yachts and mansions owned by American politicians should be of equal concern to you. This left a significant gap in your argument. And you know that Biden's corruption is just the tip of the iceberg regarding America's political corruption in Ukraine. How is that not part of this discussion? How can countries around the world trust us if we turn our backs on our role in this corruption? How can Americans trust a government that turns a back on such corruption?

Finally, I should like to mention China. I am not sure how you can begin to suggest that not sending 40 billion dollars to prop up a government in Eastern Europe emboldens China when the President of the United States, and his family, are entirely compromised in that regard due to money they have taken from Chinese Communist Party interests. Have you seen his son's laptop? Isn't the President's betrayal on the southern border allowing an influx of Chinese Fentanyl, killing thousands of Americans, emboldening the Chinese Communist Party? Why would we defend Taiwan from China, regardless of how much money we throw at Ukraine, if we won't even protect our Southern border from China? Senator Cruz, that is a complete fantasy.

You emboldened China by sending that Bill to Joe Biden. Your reasoning to the contrary is feeble. I am just shocked that Republicans have failed America so grievously. And with only a few days to debate it. This is not honest government.

We also emboldened China by monetarily forcing Russia into China's arms by cutting Russia off from the dollar. This was another foolish move by the Biden administration. Or perhaps, a carefully calculated move.

Our Nation is engaged in a terrible struggle to survive, and republican constitutional liberty is on the verge of collapse. Unfortunately, if we can even make it to the mid-terms, it will be despite the Republicans in the Senate, apart from a few notable exceptions, not because of them. You, unfortunately, joined the ranks of the non-notables with this vote.

I feel deeply betrayed by the US Senate. I have always been wary of the potentially devastating implications of the 17th amendment, tugging the loyalty of the US Senate from their respective states and placing it in the hands of monied DC interests. I now believe we are seeing that come of age, precisely when the States and the people most need a Senate that is loyal to them.

George Washington would be sick to his stomach.

In mourning,

Tim Moon



WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) gave a floor speech today explaining why he is voting this week for the Senate’s Ukraine aid bill.

He gave several key reasons why a vote for Ukrainian aid is in America’s best interests:

• The bill includes almost $9 billion to replenish U.S. stockpiles, which have become dangerously depleted, directly endangering the national security of the United States and our allies.

• Putin is trying to seize control of energy. If he’s successful, it will be felt by Americans filling up their cars with gas or trying to heat their homes in the winter.

• If Putin wins in Ukraine, it will confirm for Xi that he can confidently invade Taiwan, seizing control of the global supply of semiconductors. The results would be catastrophic for U.S. supply chains and the price of each and every product Americans purchase.

o If China were to conquer Taiwan, it would give the Chinese Communist Party a stranglehold on the global supply of semiconductors.

o It is simply impossible to overstate the utter catastrophe that would impose on Americans. Overnight, it would be impossible to acquire or repair everything we rely on in modern life.

Senator Cruz said:

I emphatically agree that President Biden and congressional Democrats have failed on the issues here at home that Texans and Americans rightly care about and we should fix. Right now we have a raging border crisis that President Biden won’t do a thing about, with skyrocketing inflation, with gas prices at record highs. We have a baby formula shortage that has left parents all over the country scrambling to try to feed their babies.

These are real problems that the Democrats caused and now refuse to even try to fix, and in multiple instances such as gas prices, these are problems that Democrats have deliberately made worse, inflicting pain on millions of Americans. All of that can be true at home, and it doesn’t mean the world has suddenly become safe and that our enemies do not mean us harm.

At the same time we need to secure our border and address the domestic crises, we also need to confront the very real threat posed by Russia and by China. We can’t let the fact that Biden and the Democrats have created massive domestic and economic failures cause us to ignore threats to U.S. national security posed directly by Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

The reason we should support our Ukrainian allies is because it protects American national security, it keeps America safer, and it prevents our enemies from getting stronger, from threatening the safety and security of Americans, and from driving up the cost, the economic damage, to Americans.


The Media is a River not a Stream

The main stream media is not main stream or even a major stream. The media today is a tributary media with many streams emptying into one significant river. The so called main stream media is just one stream flowing into that river. We know its flow is weak because it’s narratives don’t stick anymore. Its flow has been slowed by years of lying about Trump, Russia Gate, Covid, vaccines, election fraud and now Ukraine. These lies have become rocks that succeed increasingly to block its flow. We also know its influence is dwindling because in-spite of its 24 hour a day onslaught against Trump, they had to cheat to win an election.

It is not the main stream media anymore, it is just a stream of media. It is one increasingly less influential stream of media, clogged by an avalanche of lies. Meanwhile, there is a vast flowing River of media, composed of a multitude of independent alternative media tributaries, flowing strong and free. And Trump is riding that river to victory over the global administrative state in 2022, 2024, and beyond.

It is not the main stream media and we should stop calling it that. It is a stream of media, and a small stream at that. Calling it main stream grants to it illegitimate credit. It is actually small muddy stream of leftist progressive media, limited by blockages from a rock slide of self-destructive delusion, draining as a muffled voice, into a massive river of free voices that quickly dissolve and break it down. The Media is a River not a stream.