Steven Tierney, LPPC provides individual, family and group therapy. Steven uses mindfulness-based, trauma informed therapeutic tools. He believes that each person should have the freedom and the skills to see, hear and experience what is actually here, instead of what should be, what was or what will be.

Steven works closely with individuals and families to integrate and balance religion, spirituality and daily living in our complicated world.

Dr. Tieney also provides clinical supervision and professional development training and consultation. In this work Steven’s three decades of commitment to challenging systems of power and privilege are the foundation of our shared work.

Community health education, staff training, workshops and seminars can be developed in the range of expertise Steven and his interns can offer. Specializations and scopes of competence currently include:

  • Issues of substance use, harm reduction, recovery and relapse prevention.
  • Mindfulness intervention for stress, addictive and compulsive behaviors.
  • Suicide prevention, intervention and on-going care.
  • Assessment and skills development in the following areas:
    • Anger Management
    • Life transition skills
    • Relationship enhancement
    • Reducing and eliminating isolation and alienation.